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The other day I did a post on BTS riddles, here are the answers!

If you want to play first before seeing the answers, check out THIS BLOG


This member is no fun. He is similar to a cake. He is responsible for setting fire to ARMY’s hearts. Twinkle toes. He is a liar, but what’s the opposite of devil? Loves the little one, but he’s a lil kiddo too. He trips on nothing more often than not lol, but he a lil cutie



RapMon said that he had no jams (aka is no fun). He has the nickname mochi which is a Japanese cake. In a video, Jungkook was arresting Jimin for setting fire to ARMY’s hearts. He is a graceful dancer, light on his feet (twinkle toes). His solo song is called Lie, and he is considered an angel by his fans (opposite of devil). Loves Jungkook the maknae, and he is also considered one of the maknaes. He is very clumsy, and many fans love how smol he is.


This member knows the dances, the singing, and the rapping. Described as a dog by some, but the fans describe him as a different furry mammal. There are many things he doesn’t like, such as being an older brother. Universal Ladykiller, that one in the middle. Don’t mispronounce his name, I beg your pardon? Mispronounce not you and you’ll get this member.



He’s called the golden maknae because he is good at basically everything. The members describe him as a dog but the fans call him a bunny! He doesn’t like when people call him Oppa. He is International Playboy (Universal Ladykiller), and when the picture of them at the BBMA’s went viral he was the one in the middle. Pardon is an English word he uses a lot, and he doesn’t like when his name is mispronounced. If you mispronounce “not you” you will get nochu, which is a nickname Jungkook received on American Hustle Life.

Level 2: Medium


He is jovial, similar to daytime. He is a water bearer and loves the sea, but he doesn’t like when the waters contaminated. A real hoofer, and associated with the number slot machine. Another calls him doraemon. He talks in rhythm, but can croon too. He is quite well known beneath the soil.



He is known for being cheery, and being everyone’s sunshine (daytime). He’s an Aquarius (which is a water bearer), and he mentioned he loved the sea when describing his ideal date. When Jimin accidentally spit, Jhope said “dirty water” (aka water contamination). A real hoofer (aka dancer), and when BTS got 7 million followers on twitter he was made into a slot machine. Tae said that J-Hope was like Doraemon who always finds the solution of many things. He raps (talks in rhythm) but he can sing too. Lastly, he is famous underground (beneath the soil)


His voice will send you to a different country in Asia. He has a high tech fleshy muscular organ that he uses to share his thoughts through pleasant sounds. Another body part is compared to another group. He’s a hazardous man, one day someone will institute legal proceedings. He enjoys the time when his consciousness is suspended. How much? 300 coin? How inciting- no, infiting guy.



In Cypher pt 3, Suga raps that his voice turns everyone on and will send them to Hong Kong. Another lyric fans liked was that he has tongue technology, which he uses in his music. He says that his legs are up to par with Girls Generation (yes they are). A fan called him a dangerous man, and jokingly threaten to sue him. He loves to sleep. 300 coin= 3 dollars, which is a reference to his chain in American Hustle Life. Inciting is a synonym for inspiring, so infiting guy is a synonym for infires man.


Slinky x-rated hero, or instrument participant? A sandy shore or a stinker? perch in a lower position or poop in a lower position? They sound similar for this member. Is she husband or wife? Either way he will treat them as the same. Shorten his name and repeat it twice and you’ll still have his name.



He tends to mispronounce English words which I find very cute! Once he meant to say saxophone star but accidentally pronounced it as something else. He also mispronounced beach, and sit down (accidentally saying cuss words). At a fan meeting when Jin accidentally hit a fan, Tae almost said “why’d you hit my husband” but he caught himself and changed it to wife. He is known for treating both his boy and girl fans well. If you Shorten his name to Tae, and repeat it twice, you will have TaeTae, which is what many fans call him.

Level 3: Hard


A color flushed ruler, like a peach. Controls traffic. Absorbs ingredients he produced. Money is happiness. It’s all optical, just a mirage. Spits like JuJu’s lover. A round cow is brown with a hint of red, a knee-slapper. Which creates a transparent screen guffaw. Hunky widespread.



He’s a pink princess, like princess peach! He has this traffic dance which is really popular. He’s known for cooking and eating. He once said money was the most important thing to him lol. He tends to say that things are just an illusion. He once said he raps like Jay Z, which JuJu is one of Beyoncés nick names. He tells a lot of dad jokes, for example: “What color is a hamburger? Burgundy!” Jungkook has mentioned that Jin has a windshield laugh (aka transparent screen). He is Worldwide Handsome!


Supreme being of disfigurement. Rules skivvies. England terminology. Groovy and spitting boogieman. Savvy result. Heart beating heartbreaker, and strength powerful strong. Jellies? Yellow lightning mammal boy. Do you change? He and sweet changed the game, just ask the “independent bee”



He is the God of Destruction, as well as the Master of your bra (Expensive girl loool). He speaks English. He is Dance Monster, he is Rap Monster. He had a high IQ (savvy means intelligent and result means quotient). There have been times he translates the members sentences strangely, like saying heartbreaker instead of heart beating, and strong power instead of strength. Jellies is a synonym for Jams, which he claims that Jimin has no jams. Jungkook called him Pikachu man. “Do You” and “Change” are names of his songs. Sweet is a synonym for Sugar aka Suga (just to be difficult lol). He and Suga changed the way rap is perceived, just ask B Free lol :joy:

Did you get them right?

Do they at least make some sort of sense?! Lol.

Let me know how you did in the comments, thanks for playing!

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