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Watch: BTS Reacts To Debut Performances And Sends Touching Messages To Their Past Selves

Watch: BTS Reacts To Debut Performances And Sends Touching Messages To Their Past Selves

BTS looked back at their debut performances!

On January 9, Mnet released a full version of BTS reacting to their debut stage. Mnet’s “M Countdown” recently celebrated its 600th episode by inviting BTS and other groups to watch and react to their debut performances, and part of the footage and interviews with the groups were included in last week’s episode.

In the new video, the seven BTS members gathered in front of a screen to watch their debut performances of “No More Dream” and “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2” from June 13, 2013.

Thunder and Lee Joon introduced BTS as MCs before their performance and RM commented, “They introduced us really well.” Suga and Jimin said that this was the first time they saw their introductions by the two MCs, and V added, “I’m so grateful.”

Watching their first live performance of “We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2,” Suga commented on their perfectly in-sync moves and laughed at the sight of their ab-revealing choreography.

“It’s still amazing even when we watch it now,” said RM as they marvelled at the performance. During J-Hope’s dance break, Jungkook said, “Wow your knees must’ve hurt back then. Well at the time, you probably didn’t even feel that.” When Jimin and Jungkook’s hat dance break came up, Jimin revealed, “This [reaction from fans] made us really happy.”

BTS then watched their performance of “No More Dream” and excitedly shared their memories from this performance. Jin said he erased the memory of him crying afterward because his pants fell down during the performance, and J-Hope explained he had difficulty breathing because of the mask he wore on stage.

Jimin asked, “Why does Taehyung [V’s real name] look like such a baby?” and Jin replied, “He was a baby. He was a high school student at the time.”

Jungkook mentioned that his rap part was cut after the song was revised to fit the broadcast time. “Even if we appeared now as rookies, I think it would still be shocking,” said RM. Agreeing with the BTS leader, J-Hope replied, “Yes. It would be a shock.”

V pointed out, “We received five minutes [of performance time] even though it was our debut stage,” and J-Hope added, “That’s true. It was difficult to perform two songs at the time.” Thinking about their agency CEO, RM told the members, “Let’s send a message to Bang [Shi Hyuk] PD to have a happy new year.” V added, “The managers worked really hard.”

BTS shared a laugh when Jungkook pointed out that Jin did not look straight into the camera. Jin then explained, “You don’t know those kinds of things at the beginning of your debut!”

After watching their debut performances, the members shared some thoughts. Suga began, “If I was say something to those guys, I’d say, ‘It may be really difficult, but if you wait, you’ll get No. 1 on Billboard and go to the UN.”

Jungkook commented, “If you said that to those guys, it would cause a fuss.” Suga replied, “They’d probably say ‘Stop talking nonsense.’”

Jungkook added, “I think that we exist now because we did a good job back then,” and the members agreed. RM concluded, “Are you happy? That’s all that matters. I’m glad you guys are healthy.”

Check out the video below!

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