Cowboys fan Kelly Clarkson's monologue at 2023 NFL Honors polarizes NFL Twitter

The NFL Honors took place Thursday, which means a few things: a lot of glitz and glam, athletes trying to be funny, and an awkward sports-related monologue.

Participants in the award show lived up to that reputation, especially host Kelly Clarkson, who delivered what amounted to a tight 10 at the top of the show that was largely self-deprecating around her Dallas Cowboys fandom.

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To be fair, Clarkson was given the impossible task of making a football awards show funny, and in some ways she delivered. She did it in an especially ostentatious Cowboys dress that featured the names of several players.

Kelly Clarkson showed to the NFL Honors in a Cowboys dress 👀

That doesn’t mean she held back, however. With Dak Prescott and Micah Parsons in attendance, she joked about the NFL season ending after the divisiona; round, as it so often does in Dallas, while also begrudgingly praising baby-faced 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy, who helped knocked the Cowboys out of the postseason.

Dak when Kelly Clarkson made a joke about the Cowboys losing in the Divisional Round 😂

Clarkson got some “help” in a segment with Peyton Manning, who is all over NFL coverage these days. In a mock video call, Manning joked about quarterbacks not needing to be mobile, him getting hair cut by one of his dad’s friends, and Clarkson’s era of singing being behind her.

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However, one of the most baffling segments of the night was George Kittle singing to the tune of Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone,” bemoaning the end of the 49ers’ season.

This George Kittle song sure was something 😅🎥: @NFL

Clarkson’s performance had its supporters and detractors. It depended on how much people follow the NFL.

Me watching Kelly Clarkson attempt comedy at the NFL Honors

Kelly Clarkson making NFL jokes

Kelly Clarkson is ruining the nfl honors with her atrocious jokes

Does no one realize Kelly Clarkson is PAID to be this cringy. It’s her job. Someone else wrote these lines.Relax it’s supposed to be bad comedy.Are you going to hate on Peyton Manning too or just Kelly Clarkson??? They’re both paid for this comedy sketch.


Kelly Clarkson eviscerating teams in her opening was hysterical.“No extra points, like the cowboys” lololol

Loved Kelly Clarkson’s monologue for the NFL Honors – she killed it. Threw shade at so many teams and it was amazing. Just flat out amazing.

This crowd sucks for Kelly Clarkson…like obviously she was told to make these jokes stop being so salty and rolling your eyes just laughSome players being turds

*whispers* I think Kelly Clarkson is pretty funny and doing a good job given the circumstances

I had my doubts bout Kelly Clarkson hosting the nfl honors but she’s killin it man😂😂😂

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