A complete timeline of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's relationship

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in October 2022.

A few days later, Lopez shared a bunch of photos of her three Ralph Lauren wedding dresses, which she called “dreamy.” Further details about their wedding weekend, from the rehearsal dinner to the ceremony to the reception, were revealed in another newsletter.

Lopez said that during Affleck’s wedding reception speech, he quoted a line that he wrote for a film he directed called “Live By Night:” “This is heaven. Right Here. We’re in it now.”

Lopez said it’s “one of my favorite lines” and thought it was “perfect” for their wedding.

She also said that their wedding weekend had “unexpected setbacks,” including rain “every day that week” and everyone catching “a stomach bug.”

Lopez said that she and Affleck “laughed the night before about getting married again at our age.”

The singer said that on their wedding day, “the sun broke free and cast its rays like little diamonds dancing across the river behind the makeshift altar in our backyard.”

Lopez said that she walked down the aisle as Marc Cohn performed “The Things We’ve Handed Down,” with their combined five kids following her.

“The 20 years between those dreams of youth and the adult world of love and family we embraced that day, brought more to this marriage than either of us ever could have imagined,” she said. “We weren’t only marrying one another; we were marrying these children into a new family. They were the only people we asked to stand up for us in our wedding party. To our great honor and joy, each one did.”

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“Some old wounds were healed that day and the weight of the past finally lifted off our shoulders,” she added. Full-circle — and not at all the way we planned it. Better.”

Lopez said that for her and Affleck, “this was perfect timing.”

“Years ago, we had no idea the road ahead would mean navigating so many labyrinths and hold so many surprises, blessings, and delights,” she wrote. “It all culminated in this moment, one of the most perfect of our lives. We couldn’t have been happier.”

A leaked video from their wedding, which Lopez said was “taken without permission,” also showed the performer singing a new song for Affleck.

“I don’t know where you all are getting it from bc we had NDAs and asked everyone to not share anything from our wedding,” she said on Instagram. “That is our choice to share.”

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