Miley Cyrus' name isn't actually Miley Cyrus 😱

So where did the name Miley come from? We have the answers…

With hits like ‘Malibu’, ‘Wrecking Ball’, ‘Midnight Sky’, the iconic ‘Flowers’ and ‘Used To Be Young’, Miley Cyrus really is one of the biggest stars on the planet, but fans of the singer may be shocked to the core to learn that Miley ISN’T actually her real name!

So where did the name Miley come from? Well, wonder no more, as we have all the answers here. From her real name, to how she became known as Miley, read on to understand a little bit more…

What is Miley Cyrus’ real name?

Despite being in the spotlight for a huge number of years, it may come as a surprise to many as they discover that her birth name is actually Destiny Hope Cyrus… not Miley!

Fans have previously taken to X, formerly Twitter, to express their shock at the revelation. One user wrote in 2018: ‘Why did i just realize Miley Cyrus’s real name is Destiny Hope Cyrus….’, with another adding: ‘I was today years old when I learned Miley Cyrus’ real name is Destiny Hope what.’ (sic)

Another wrote: ‘Am I the only person who didn’t know Miley Cyrus’ real name was destiny hope?’, with another shocked user writing: ‘Sooo am I the only one who never knew Miley Cyrus’s real name is Destiny Hope. This whole time I thought her name was Miley 😭’. (sic)

Other fans of the superstar singer were then quick to question their level of love, wondering how they didn’t know this fact if they were ‘real fans’.

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An X user called Lucy jokingly wrote: ‘How did no one know that @MileyCyrus real name is Destiny.. Call yourself true fans 😂😂 jk i thought everyone knew lol’. (sic)

Where did the name Miley come from?

Miley’s family nicknamed her ‘Smiley’ as a baby, as she was such a smiling, happy baby. They later shortened it to Miley, and Miley herself made the decision to change her name when she was younger, using her nickname ‘Smiley’ as the inspiration. In 2008, the ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer then changed her name from Destiny to Miley legally! Her official name is now Miley Ray Cyrus, honouring her grandfather, politician Ronald Ray Cyrus.

Her character’s name in hit Disney show Hannah Montana was also Miley Stewart – so that could be a telling sign too!

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