“Not a Thirsty Thirst Trap”: Rob Gronkowski Discloses Real Objective Behind Tom Brady’s Shirtless Flex to Shut Down the Conspiracies

Rob Gronkowski has been a man of words lately. Especially since his latest appearance at Up and Adams, fans got to hear a ton of opinions from the former TE. From Belichick to Brady, Gronk made sure to touch upon all the most talked about topics in the NFL currently.

Speaking of most talked about things, it would be almost sinful to leave Brady out of the conversation. even after almost a year of retirement, Brady never ceases to give out news that the NFL community can’t stop gushing about. Similarly, his picture on the blue waters of Florida, enjoying a nice holiday season with his kids piqued fans’ attention. The picture was shirtless, showing off his toned abs, with his scuba diving gear. The problem began to arise when fans started considering the picture a ‘thirst trap’.

Tom Brady, Rob Gronk, and shirtless pictures

When Gronk was asked about it, he could beg to differ. “This is not a thirst trap,” Gronk clarified. “I think he was with his family. I think he was out there just enjoying the waters, gong scuba diving and all that good stuff.” Moreover, this was not it, as Gronk also applauded Brady’s physique which he does not shy away from showing off. Well, Brady’s abs at 46 can simply put anyone to shame. However, this is majorly because the former QB taking the utmost care of his body and wellness, especially after his retirement.

As per Men’s Health, Brady has lost up to 10 pounds of weight after his retirement. As a result of which, Brady feels in his best shape now. “I’m down about 10lbs, but I’m actually very fit right now,” Brady commented in his recent episode of Let’s Go. Along with this, Brady has also emphasized spending time with his children, which is exactly what Brady was doing while scuba diving, enjoying a peaceful vacation in Florida with his kids.

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Moreover, this was not the first shirtless selfie Brady has posted. Rather quite a few can be found on his social media. He even flaunted his toned physique with Gronk and Julian Edelman on the shores of the ocean. This too, was not a thirst-trap, far from it. Brady was promoting his brand’s swimwear, along with keeping the promise of staying healthy he made to himself. Fans can call it ‘thirst-traps’ if they want, however, it isn’t going to cease Brady from sharing his stunning progress with his fans.

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