Who Are Patrick Mahomes’ Parents? Getting To Know Pat Mahomes and Randi Martin

Any NFL fan worth their salt is surely familiar with the success of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes by now.

The 28-year-old has been consistently unbelievable throughout his pro career. His per-game rate of 300 passing yards per outing and 105 career passer rating are both standing league records. Mahomes has already thrown for over 25,000 yards and over 200 touchdown passes.

As proven by his two Super Bowl victories — in which he won MVP honors both times — Mahomes has been even better in the postseason. Put simply, the former Texas Tech star has already created a Hall of Fame career, and he’s likely got another decade-plus to go.

Yes, we’ve come to learn plenty about Mahomes during his half-dozen years in the pros. That includes meeting his wife, Brittany, and brother, Jackson. But we really haven’t seen all that much of Mahomes’ parents.

A Dive Into Patrick Mahomes’ Parents

Some readers will recall Patrick’s father, Pat Mahomes Sr. The 53-year-old enjoyed a solid career as a Major League Baseball pitcher. He was a journeyman, playing for six teams between 1992 and 2003. Mahomes Sr. was no All-Star, but he notched a solid 42-39 record as a starter and showed the athletic chops to stick around for a decade-plus at the highest level.

August 1, 1999: Mets reliever Pat Mahomes Sr drives in the game-winning run in the top of the 13th inning & then strikes out the final batter in a 5-4 Mets win over the Cubs at Wrigley Field. pic.twitter.com/BrO3XAjMef

— This Day In Sports Clips (@TDISportsClips) August 1, 2023

The elder Mahomes has also hosted a podcast for the better part of two years. His show is titled, appropriately enough, “The Big Mahomes Show.” He regularly features prominent former MLBers, including names such as Eric Davis and Gary Sheffield. Mahomes Sr. and his guests typically discuss the hottest topics in the sporting world.

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Patrick’s mother, Randi Martin, and father have been separated since 2006. Still, the two have remained ardent supporters of their son’s athletic career, as well as his academic one. Mahomes’ mother, in particular, takes great pride in how she stressed the importance of education to her son in his formative years.

According to this profile from People, Randi acknowledged that Pat’s MLB career was, at times, a strain on their marriage, but she proudly stated that the two remain friendly to this day and united in support of their family.

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Randi also proudly sports a custom No. 15 jersey to Chiefs’ games with “QB Producer” stitched on the back nameplate. That’s certainly a fitting moniker for the woman who gave birth to football’s preeminent QB.

#Mahomes Randi MAHOMES jersey tonight ⁦@tootgail⁩ ⁦@Chiefs⁩ pic.twitter.com/2VM5p48COG

— Leigh Steinberg (@leighsteinberg) February 7, 2021

Somewhat similarly, Patrick’s father admitted that he’ll wear the same outfit multiple game days in a row as long as the Chiefs keep winning. The other “QB Producer” admitted to reporters in a 2020 interview that his superstitions once nearly led to him “freezing to death” when a particularly fruitful Chiefs winning streak meant he wore shorts and a t-shirt deep into the winter.

“Anything for a win,” he said during a January 2020 FOX4 interview. “[What’s working] is working, so you know, you just got to keep rolling it out until it fails.”

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If Patrick’s career to date is any indication, “anything for a win” is a family mantra that definitely stuck with the star QB.

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