Michael Jackson’s mom seeks six-figure sum for legal fees and to keep a secret deal

Michael Jackson‘s mother, Katherine, is seeking a six-figure sum from her late son’s estate to cover legal bills she incurred while battling the estate’s executors over a proposed deal. According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, the 93-year-old explained that the law firm Glaser Weil Fink Howard Jordan & Shapiro (Glasser Weil) billed her for $561,548 for legal services provided.

The estate and Katherine have been engaged in a prolonged dispute. Michael Jackson, who passed away in 2009, designated his three children – Prince, Paris, and Blanket – as the sole beneficiaries of his trust. Additionally, he established a separate trust known as The Katherine Jackson Trust to provide for his mother for the remainder of her life.

However, tensions arose when the appointed executors of Michael’s estate, John Branca and John McClain, clashed with the family. The executors asserted that they had successfully turned the estate around and generated hundreds of millions through various deals.

Last year, Branca and McClain sought court approval for a confidential deal they had received, which they claimed was highly lucrative. Katherine opposed the deal, leading to a legal showdown. The estate countered her objection by highlighting previous successful deals she had opposed, including the live concert film “This is It!”

MJ’s mom has a great legal bill

Amidst the legal battle, Katherine accumulated a substantial legal bill in less than a year. She filed an appeal to halt the secret deal put together by the estate and requested reimbursement for a portion of her legal fees. Katherine argued that the estate was financially stable and had more than enough resources to cover her expenses.

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In response to the appeal, the judge initially ruled in favor of the estate, permitting them to proceed with the contested deal. Undeterred, Katherine appealed the decision and sought a higher court’s review of the matter.

Katherine’s motion for attorney fees outlined the extensive work performed by her law firm, including interviewing family members, gathering documents, and preparing trial exhibits. She emphasized that her legal fees were accrued during the ongoing appeal process.

The executors have yet to respond to Katherine’s request for reimbursement. The ongoing legal dispute between Katherine and the estate underscores the complexities surrounding Michael Jackson’s legacy and the management of his substantial assets.

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