Katy Perry height and weight measurements

Katheryn Hudson, better known by her stage name “Katy Perry” is a multi-award winning pop/rock artist who shot to fame after her hit single “I Kissed a Girl” topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for seven weeks. consecutive. Since then, the voluptuous singer has gone on to put her stamp on the music industry as one of the most successful and sought-after stars, collaborating with other industry top-shots like Snoop Dogg, Timbaland and John Mayer.

According to Forbes, in 2011, Katy Perry ranked 3rd on their list of “Highest Earning Women in Music”, having earned $39 million from her career. The singer has gone from being the shy gospel-singing daughter of Pentecostal pastors, Keith Hudson and Mary Perry, to having a hugely successful pop career, being a sex symbol and also a model.

Aside from her highly successful music career, Katy is one of the most followed stars on social media. The singer has over 92 million followers on her Twitter page, making her the most followed user on the platform and the 15th most followed user on Instagram. Perry uses her influence on social media to empower women and share her body-positive lifestyle. The singer has described herself as curvy and continually spotlights topics like body shaming.

Katy Perry Height

The singer is 5 feet 8 inches or 173 cm tall. Statistically speaking, Katy is well above the average height of an American woman. She doesn’t measure up to the average height of a mannequin that seems to be society’s closet for “the tall woman.” So measuring up to that, she is of average height. However, Katy stands out among the crowd. Being above average and having a very unique fashion sense makes her one of the modern pop stars with an enviable style.

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Katy Perry weight

The voluptuous singer weighs 59 kilograms or 130 pounds. With a body mass index (BMI) of 20, Katy is a healthy weight. It also promotes a healthy body image by going to the gym and eating healthy. Being a performer also provides her with extra training while performing or practicing her routines.

She maintains her weight by taking supplements and vitamins. The singer shared on her Twitter page her bags of vitamins and supplements that help her in her daily health routine.

Katy with her bag of supplements

Katy Perry Net Worth

The star has measurements of 36-24-35. With an hourglass like hers, Katy is definitely a head turner. The singer is a curvaceous celebrity and is often described as a sex symbol. Bursting into the scene with her looks and her mega hit “I kissed a Girl”, she earned her position as an international sex symbol.

Her mega hit “I Kissed a Girl” is both praised and criticized for Katy’s sexuality and gender roles. Critics over her track and her sexuality have been surrounded by her exploiting her “gender-bending” qualities for music sales and fame.

Katy Perry’s Bra Size

The voluptuous singer is on the heaviest end of bra detailing with a 32D. “When I was a kid, I had huge boobs that I didn’t know what to do with, so I wore minimizers, which weren’t cute. I laughed at the rock support on the shoulder,” Katy said during an interview with Elle Magazine.

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The singer explained that she was heavily chested and wanted to look like model Kate Moss who is known for her petite frame. She went on to say that she had no idea her larger height would come in handy one day.

Katy is a big fan of the Harley Pasternak FiveFactor Diet which allows for five nutritious meals a day and exercise five times a week. The singer does not starve but believes in moderation. She is known to like soup, grilled chicken, and whole grains, all of which are healthy choices for her diet.

The singer not only focuses on proper nutrition, but also puts on his own fair share of workouts. To increase her stamina and keep her fit for long stage performances, the singer loves outdoor sports. Her favorite form of outdoor exercise is hiking, which her trainer says she does quite often.

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