Katy Perry leaves fans doing a double take as she unveils bold hair transformation

Katy Perry has undergone some major hair transformations in the past – but her latest new look left her followers doing a double take.

The American Idol judge appeared on Instagram this week rocking some incredible baby bangs that completely changed the structure of her face. Katy shared a clip in celebration of a triple anniversary, which you can discover in the video below, but it was her hairstyle that really grabbed fans’ attention.

The Firework singer’s raven locks cascaded down her chest in a straight blowout to accentuate her sculpted facial features, with a hint of her iridescent luxe diamante earrings by 8 Other Reasons poking through her mane. Her choppy micro bangs rested just below the top of her forehead and were styled with a slight curve to add dimension.

Her followers glossed over her announcement as they went wild for her hair makeover, rushing to compliment Katy on her stunning new look.

One wrote: “Love the bangs so much!!!” A second said: “LOVE this hair. Love you.” A third added: “Nice haircut”, and a fourth said: “Like the bangs with long hair.”

Katy is no stranger to bangs but she has favored a longer, fuller style in the past. She also experimented with baby bangs more than 10 years ago but with a short bob.

The Roar singer has boasted several different hairstyles and colors over the years. She has worn her hair in bouncy waves with blunt bangs, shoulder-length bobs, and various pixie cuts.

She’s also modeled several different hues including electric blue, blonde, pink, purple, red, and ombre styles.

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Last week, Katy marked the 15th anniversary of her debut album, One of the Boys, looking back fondly at her 24-year-old self and the start of what would become a life-changing journey.

“Happy 15th anniversary to my first musical child, One of the Boys!” Katy wrote in her caption, before noting: “I know omg the passing of time is WILD. She may be a young teen but has always had a bit of an attitude.”

To her fans, she said: “Thank you to all the KCs who have stuck around since the Warped and Hello Katy days… [To be honest] I still think of myself as One of the Boys.”

Accompanying the post, Katy shared some of the cover photos for the album, which saw her dressed in a red polka-dot sweetheart neckline crop top paired with high-waisted short-shorts reminiscent of a 1940s pin-up girl.

Fans were quick to reminisce over the impact the hit album had on them, with one replying: “ICONIC, LEGENDARY ALBUM!” A second said: “Loved this time in pop culture so much.

A third added: “One of the biggest moments in music history,” and a fourth gushed: “Katy, you are an icon, then, now, and forever.”

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