Antonio Brown explains why he is selling disrespectful Gisele T-shirt

Even though Tom Brady has been nothing but supportive, at least publicly, of Antonio Brown, that did not stop Brown from making some disrespectful moves in response to Brady’s divorce.

Brown is selling a T-shirt featuring a photo of Gisele Bundchen hugging him after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Super Bowl win three seasons ago. Brown claims the proceeds from sales are going to charity, but even if that’s the case, it’s a blatantly disrespectful move toward Brady.

In an appearance on the “Valuetainment” podcast, host Patrick Bet-David asked Brown why the former wide receiver is going after Brady, even though Brady has never said anything bad about him in public. Brown initially tried to respond by saying people had used the mother of his children against him, but Bet-David quickly pointed out Brady had never done that.

Antonio Brown on taking shots at Brady and selling a shirt of him with Gisele even though Brady never publicly said a bad word about him: “it is what it is…people go through stuff every day”

— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) October 29, 2022

“It is what it is,” Brown said. “This is a parody, man. This is a charity shirt to raise money for the fatherless kids. … This is a real moment that happened at the game. Play the video. It’s a dig because you don’t understand that. You’re trying to make me rationalize it. Why do you want me to tell you what is going on?

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“How is this a reach? Because they’re going through a divorce? People go through stuff every day, man. What about me when I’m on the news?”

In other words, Brown does not actually have an answer for why he is taking aim at Brady. He even disputes that he means anything by the shirt, but by doing that, he is either being intentionally vague or is extremely naive. After all, if this was all just coincidence, why would Brown have started drawing attention to this specific photo almost a month ago?

The real reason behind all this is that Brown seems to want attention. If that’s the case, his response of “What about me?” might be the most accurate part of his response.

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