10 Best Michael Jackson Songs of All Time

Michael Jackson, the undisputed King of Pop, left an indelible mark on the music industry with his extraordinary talent, unmatched charisma, and timeless musical contributions. With his sensational voice, unmatched dance moves, and revolutionary music videos, Jackson captivated the world and created an iconic legacy that continues to inspire and influence artists to this day. Among his vast discography, certain songs have emerged as true masterpieces, encapsulating the essence of his artistry and resonating deeply with fans across generations. In this article, we explore the “Top 10 Best Michael Jackson Songs of All Time,” celebrating the unparalleled creativity and brilliance of the man who redefined popular music. From his early days as a child prodigy with the Jackson 5 to his record-breaking solo career, we delve into a collection of tracks that showcase Jackson’s exceptional vocal range, lyrical depth, and ability to fuse genres seamlessly. Whether it’s the infectious grooves of his dance anthems or the heartfelt ballads that tug at the heartstrings, these ten songs stand as a testament to Michael Jackson’s extraordinary talent and his enduring impact on the world of music. Join us on this nostalgic journey as we pay tribute to the iconic and timeless melodies that have solidified Michael Jackson’s status as a legend.

1. Billie Jean

Billie Jean is a classic! It’s one of Michael Jackson’s best. The song is full of his talent and style. Let’s take a closer look at why it’s so amazing!

  • Super beats: You can’t help but dance to its irresistible rhythm.
  • A voice like no other: Jackson’s smooth, soulful vocals tell a powerful story.
  • Storytelling power: It follows a woman who claims Jackson is the father of her child.
  • Unforgettable bassline: Everyone knows this song from its distinctive bassline.
  • MJ’s dance moves: His iconic moonwalk mesmerized audiences.
  • Social significance: It sheds light on false accusations and their impact on public figures.

Plus, this legendary track brought us iconic music videos and skyrocketed Jackson’s career. On top of that, it broke racial barriers by getting heavy rotation on MTV.

But nothing’s as scary as trying to moonwalk after too many drinks at a wedding!

2. Thriller

Michael Jackson’s iconic hit, Thriller, still mesmerizes audiences with its sound and music video. Its powerful vocals and beat make it a timeless classic. Its success is reflected in the table below:

Category Details Release Date November 30, 1982 Chart Rankings No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart No. 1 on the Billboard R&B Singles chart Awards 8 Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year Music Video Directed by John Landis Considered one of the best music videos ever

Thriller stands out for its mix of pop, rock, and funk. Plus, its lyrics and Jackson’s vocal range contribute to its lasting popularity. To get the most out of this song, try these tips:

  1. Listen with quality headphones to appreciate its production.
  2. Analyze its lyrics for a better understanding of its themes.
  3. Watch the music video to appreciate Jackson’s dance moves and cinematic skills.
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By following these ideas, you can immerse yourself in Thriller’s brilliance and understand why it’s one of Jackson’s greatest songs. So, get ready to rock with Michael Jackson and ‘Rock With You’!

3. Rock With You

Michael Jackson’s classic hit, ‘Rock With You’, is a beloved song. Let’s explore its captivating rhythm and never-ending melody that make it a timeless favorite.

We can get a better understanding of ‘Rock With You’ with this table:

Key Points Details Release Year 1979 Album Off the Wall Genre Disco, R&B Chart Success No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Signature Element Catchy beat and silky vocals

But what truly sets ‘Rock With You’ apart is its capability to take listeners to a world of joy and energy. The upbeat, disco rhythm makes it hard to not move your feet. Meanwhile, Jackson’s calming vocals give it a special feel.

‘Rock With You’ has stayed popular amongst all ages. Its irresistible groove and memorable chorus still charm audiences everywhere.

Pro Tip: To experience the real magic of ‘Rock With You’, use quality headphones or speakers that can enhance the intricate production of this gem.

Smooth Criminal: The only time it’s okay to moonwalk away from a crime scene.

4. Smooth Criminal

“Smooth Criminal” – it’s no mystery why Michael Jackson’s hit was so popular! A table of facts below tells all:

Song Album ———— ————- Song Smooth Criminal Released October 24, 1988 Genre Pop, funk, rock Length 4:18

The iconic music video for the song features MJ’s dance moves and the famous forward lean. He combined different genres to create the track. Here are four ways to get more out of it:

  1. Listen with top-notch headphones or speakers to hear the production and instruments.
  2. Notice MJ’s vocals as he shifts from crooning to powerful notes.
  3. Watch the music video to see his amazing choreography.
  4. Learn some of the dance moves yourself to enjoy it more.

Go ahead and explore the world of “Smooth Criminal”! Don’t stop until you’ve had enough of the toe-tapping tunes that’ll have you moonwalking to the dance floor.

5. Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” is an iconic piece in his discography. It has a disco beat and captivating vocals that showcase his exceptional talent and energy.

Released in 1979, it transcends generations with its irresistible blend of disco rhythms and Jackson’s electrifying voice.

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It won the Grammy Award for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance in 1980. (Source: Grammy Awards)

Are you ready to groove to the catchy hit ‘P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)’? Get ready to feel like an old man jamming along!

6. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) by Michael Jackson is an iconic song. It’s filled with catchy melodies and grooves that captivate its listeners. Its upbeat tempo and chorus make it a worldwide favorite.

Let’s focus on the elements that make P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) special:

Element Description Lyrics Playful and flirtatious, the lyrics reflect youthful exuberance and young love. Instrumentation A blend of synthesizers, funky basslines, and energetic percussion create a vibrant sound. Vocals Jackson effortlessly switches between stylish falsettos and powerful belting, showing off his vocal range. Production Produced by Quincy Jones, every instrument is expertly layered to create a timeless, yet fresh sound.

P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) is a standout in Michael Jackson’s discography due to its unique mix of funk and pop. Its memorable chorus will have you singing along!

Pro Tip: Listen to the track with headphones to appreciate the intricate details and catchy nature.

7. Black Or White

Michael Jackson’s iconic song “Black Or White” has a powerful message of unity and acceptance. Let’s explore why it continues to resonate with audiences worldwide!

The song was released on November 11, 1991, and is part of the album Dangerous. It is a pop song, written and produced by Michael Jackson and Bill Bottrell, with a music video directed by John Landis. Notable performer Slash also played the guitar solo.

The music video featured groundbreaking morphing technology and a diverse cast, which emphasized the song’s call for racial harmony.

When it was first released, “Black Or White” topped charts worldwide. However, it also faced criticism due to its controversial ending, where Jackson is seen smashing windows and transforming into different people of various ethnicities. Jackson defended his artistic intentions of promoting harmony and equality.

Overall, this timeless song continues to encourage listeners to embrace diversity and eliminate prejudice. Michael Jackson really was ‘bad’ – this song proves that he’s not just a smooth criminal, but also a musical genius!

8. Bad

Michael Jackson’s iconic hit “Bad” is a timeless masterpiece. It boasts Jackson’s impressive vocal range and signature dance moves, captivating listeners with its energy. Its pulsating bassline and catchy hooks made Jackson the King of Pop.

Bad” is a high-energy anthem of confidence and rebellion. Released in 1987, the title track of his seventh studio album marked a new era for Jackson’s music. Its gritty lyrics show a defiant protagonist, making it relatable to many fans.

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The music video for “Bad,” directed by Martin Scorsese, further elevated Jackson’s artistry. The cinematic approach and jaw-dropping choreography leave an impression on viewers, making it one of the greatest music videos ever made.

Pro Tip: To appreciate the genius of “Bad,” turn up the volume and let Michael Jackson’s energy wash over you. Witness musical brilliance at its finest!

9. Off The Wall

Position 9: ‘Off The Wall‘ from the album, Off The Wall. This vibrant and energetic track showcases Jackson’s talent and creativity. It’s funky disco vibe and smooth vocals made it an instant hit when released in 1979.

It marked a transition from Jackson 5 to a more mature solo artist. This evolution set the stage for his groundbreaking album ‘Thriller‘. Quincy Jones, the producer of the album, heard the demo and immediately knew it had hit potential. He worked closely with Jackson to refine the song.

Off The Wall‘ displays Jackson’s versatility as an artist and is still a classic today. Beat It? It’s not about cooking, it’s about Jackson’s dance moves!

10. Beat It

’10. Beat It’

One of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits, Beat It, is iconic. This dynamic track shows his expertise as a singer, writer and dancer.

  • 1. Eddie Van Halen’s memorable guitar solo is linked to Beat It.
  • 2. The lyrics convey the message of peace, asking listeners to handle issues without violence.
  • 3. Worldwide, the song was a hit – reaching the top of the charts and winning two Grammys.

Plus, it denotes Jackson’s position as the King of Pop and his influence on popular culture.

Interestingly, Quincy Jones was hesitant about including Beat It on Thriller due to its rock sound. But Jackson persuaded him otherwise and the rest is history.

(Source: NME)

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