Only Human

Main Point: Our feelings and desires are powerful, but they cannot always be trusted to lead us to make the right choice.

Vital Info Before You Get Started: The following info should help you contextualize this very popular song so you can have a great discussion about it with your kids.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE TO PARENTS: We at The Source for Youth Ministry believe that certain elements in our youth culture can serve as good discussion jump starters with students. At the same time, we would never hope to introduce teens to a negative influence that they haven’t already encountered. This balance is a delicate one. In our experience most teens, churched and unchurched, keep pretty current with music and music videos like this one. Thanks to YouTube,, Spotify, and iTunes, the most popular music videos and songs are free to access only a click away. If you decide to use this, do so by catering it to fit your family’s needs.
  • Formed in 2005 by three brothers Kevin, Joe, and Nick, the Jonas brothers burst onto the scene, immediately touring with big names such as Kelly Clarkson and the Backstreet Boys. Just a few years later they starred in the Disney channel original movie Camp Rock and its sequel Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.
  • In 2011 the brothers decided to take a break from making music together and focus on solo endeavors. They reunited as a band in 2019, releasing their latest album Happiness Begins in June of that year.
  • They are known for their generosity, having given ten percent of their earnings to various charities. The brothers are also known for being active in the Do Something campaign that focuses on motivating young people to make a positive change through campaigns that make an impact.
  • Out of the brothers, Joe and Nick are more frequently in the spotlight due to their high profile marriages. Joe is married to Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, and Nick is married to TV and film star Priyanka Chopra.
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Introducing the Song – Say Something Like This: As part of their 2019 comeback album, Only Human is a reggae-pop song with a different feel from most Jonas Brothers songs. The song talks about being somewhere around closing time (a bar most likely), then offering to “find a place where happiness begins” and going to his living room, “slave to the way you move” drunk to an 80’s groove. The album is called Happiness Begins, a reflection of the pointed line in this song, which raises some great questions to be asking.

The Music Video: The music video can be viewed for free at:

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