DK Metcalf says Antonio Brown is the best wide receiver in NFL history

Seattle Seahawks star wide receiver DK Metcalf had “The Herd” cohost Jason McIntyre fired up after he recently shared his top five all-time NFL wideouts.

Metcalf — arguably one of the top receivers in the league — was asked to pick who he believes are the five best receivers in NFL history on a recent episode of the “All Things Covered” podcast, and some of the names might surprise you.

Leading Metcalf’s list is Antonio Brown, followed by Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Jerry Rice and Julio Jones in fifth.

McIntyre agreed with most of the players on the list, like Rice and Moss, but he was in disbelief at where Metcalf had ranked them — second and fourth, respectively.

“If you don’t have Jerry Rice up there (first) … you got some problems,” McIntrye said. “Julio Jones, love that call at five.”

McIntryre’s real issue with Metcalf’s picks was his placement of Brown at No. 1, saying it “discredits the list” entirely.

“Good player, but I can’t have him top five,” McIntyre added.

McIntyre went on to share his top five all-time NFL wide receivers list, which shared four of five names with Metcalf’s list in a slightly different order and swapped Brown with six-time Pro Bowler and longtime Detroit Lions star Calvin Johnson.

Here’s the breakdown:

5. Julio Jones

Key career stats: 13,629 receiving yards and 63 touchdowns; active leader in receiving yards, receptions (903), yards from scrimmage (13,792) and yards per touch (14.9); second all-time in receiving yards per game (87.9); NFL record for most games with 250-plus reception yards (three), most seasons averaging 100-plus reception yards per game (five) and most 100-plus reception yard games in first eight seasons (49); seven-time Pro Bowler

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McIntyre’s thoughts: “The only knock is [that] he only had one season with double-digit touchdowns. But, a lot of [his] numbers historically stack up with the greats.”

4. Calvin Johnson

Key career stats: 11,619 receiving yards and 83 touchdowns; third in receiving yards per game all-time (86.1); tied for NFL record with two seasons of 1600-plus receiving yards and most games with 200-plus reception yards (five); active leader in most receiving yards in single game (329 on Oct 27, 2013); six-time Pro Bowler

McIntyre’s thoughts: “6-foot-5, 237 (pounds) and [ran] faster in the 40 than Justin Jefferson. [He] did retire early at the age of 30 — which some people will say, ‘Oh, he doesn’t have the numbers’ — but, he’s in the Hall of Fame.”

3. Terrell Owens

Key career stats: 15,934 receiving yards and 153 touchdowns; third all-time in receiving yards and receiving TDs; eighth all-time in receptions (1,078); led NFL in reception TDs three times; only player to have a 200-plus recevining yard game with 3-plus teams; six-time Pro Bowler

McIntyre’s thoughts: “I don’t think there’s an argument. He [has] had some issues with teammates in a couple stops, but nothing even close to the Antonio Brown realm. Terrell Owens ranks third all-time in receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns.”

2. Randy Moss

Key career stats: 15,292 receiving yards and 156 touchdowns, fourth all-time in receiving yards and receiving TDs; all-time leader for most touchdown receptions in single season (23 in 2007); all-time record for most 1200-receiving yard seasons to start career (six); all-time record for best career yards per catch average (15.6) for any player in NFL history (minimum 900 receptions); six-time Pro Bowler; NFL 100 All-Time Team

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McIntyre’s thoughts: “The best game-breaking receiver I’ve ever seen. … The speed, the size. … That season where Moss was with [Tom] Brady, he caught 23 touchdowns — an NFL record. Essentially, Randy Moss was unstoppable. The only person to stop Randy Moss, was Randy Moss.”

1. Jerry Rice

Key career stats: 22,895 receiving yards and 197 touchdowns, NFL all-time leader in receptions (1,549), receiving yards, receiving TDs and yards from scrimmage (23,540); NFL leader in career postseason receiving yards (2,245); NFL leader in career postseason receptions (151); NFL leader in career postseason touchdown receptions (22); all-time record for most consecutive games with a reception (274); 13-time Pro Bowler; NFL 100 All-Time Team

McIntyre’s thoughts: “At age 40, he had a 1200-yard season. His numbers will never be touched. Holds the NFL record in receptions, receiving yards [and] receiving touchdowns … [and] holds the NFL postseason record for receptions, receiving yards [and] receiving touchdowns. Jerry Rice is the GOAT, there’s no doubt about it.”

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