Jennifer Lopez’s Child Emme Muniz’s Style Has Transformed From Cute Kid to Edgy Teen: Photos

A budding fashionista! Jennifer Lopez’s child Emme Muñiz’s style has transformed from a cute kid to an edgy teenager. With a superstar mom, it’s no surprise the adolescent is already experimenting with fashion.

Emme and twin brother Max are the only children of J. Lo and ex-husband Marc Anthony,XF and they have been in the spotlight since their birth in 2008. In recent years, Emme has embraced their creative side — whether it’s performing with Jennifer at the Super Bowl or showing off their chic style.

Now that Emme is a teenager, it’s clear they have a bit more say over personal style. In May 2021, the “Let’s Get Loud” singer shared an adorable selfie with her “coconuts,” and the photo revealed Emme’s adorable bob haircut. Months later, the celebrity kiddo dyed their curls electric blue.

In addition to Emme’s cool ‘do, the teen also dresses super trendy. In December, they were photographed shopping with mom and Ben Affleck wearing an oversized denim jacket. While Emme’s hair was no longer blue, they rocked a streak of red in her bangs.

Days prior, the fashionable pair wore matching ripped jeans while visiting Bed, Bath and Beyond. That being said, the budding fashionista also varies their look.

In August, Emme attended an event in Los Angeles with the Second Act star and wore a long patterned skirt, white crop top and oversized cardigan. Emme loves pairing their outfits, whether they are dressy or casual, with Converse or Vans sneakers.

It’s likely Emme will take fashion advice from their A-list mom as Emme gets older. The talented teenager gushed over J. Lo during an interview with Entertainment Tonight in September 2020.

“My mom is just amazing,” Emme said at the time. “She’s such a powerful human being. It’s insane. I don’t even know how to explain it. There are so many adjectives that can describe her in so many good ways.”

The admiration is definitely mutual. Jen called Emme a “natural” when it comes to her child’s performance chops, gushing that they have their “daddy’s voice” during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Emme’s mom’s support helped them overcome performing in front of large crowds.

“When I was little, I used to be really shy singing in front of people, but not anymore,” Emme said in a YouTube video. “I like being up on the stage and the dancers are all behind me. Because, every show, I look in a different direction to see who’s behind me. My favorite person to see is my mom.”

Keep scrolling to see Emme’s style transformation!

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