Every surprise song performed on Taylor Swift's Eras Tour so far

22 December 2023, 09:52

What surprise songs did Taylor Swift perform on The Eras Tour? Here’s the full list.

Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour is finally upon us, and just as fans had hoped, Taylor has confirmed that she will be performing surprise songs on every single night of the tour.

If you’ve been a fan of Taylor for a while, you’ll know that she always includes a surprise song or two in her tour set lists. The tradition goes all the way back to The Red Tour, and technically even further back to the Speak Now World Tour if you include the surprise covers she performed during that era.

With the tour now officially underway, the surprise songs are back, back, back again. There are 45 songs in the setlist already, which means she’s got over 200 songs (!!) to choose from for the surprise slots.

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Initially, Taylor told fans that she will only play each surprise song once, unless she messes it up. But during her final show of 2023, she confirmed that the rules had been reset for the upcoming 2024 shows. All surprise songs are now back on the table.

So, with that piece of information in mind, what surprise songs has Taylor Swift already performed on The Eras Tour and what can fans expect for the rest of the dates? Here’s the full list. (We’ll update this article after each tour date.)

What surprise songs did Taylor Swift perform on tour?

Taylor Swift The Eras Tour setlist: All the surprise songs she's performed so far
Taylor Swift The Eras Tour setlist: All the surprise songs she’s performed so far. Picture: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Every surprise song that Taylor has performed on The Eras Tour so far:

The first surprise song that Taylor unveiled during the opening show of the tour was ‘mirrorball’ from folklore, and went on to surprise the crowd with the opening track from her debut album: ‘Tim McGraw’. The next night, she followed that up with another folklore track (‘this is me trying’), and fan favourite ‘State of Grace’ from Red (Taylor’s Version).

Taylor will be playing two surprise songs per show. After 66 dates, Taylor ended up playing an extra 124 songs, not including repeats or songs that weren’t her own. Here’s the full list so far:

  • Glendale, AZ (March 17) – ‘mirrorball’ and ‘Tim McGraw’
  • Glendale, AZ (March 18) – ‘State of Grace’ and ‘this is me trying’
  • Las Vegas, NV (March 24) – ‘Our Song’ and ‘Snow on the Beach’
  • Las Vegas, NV (March 25) – ‘cowboy like me’ (with Marcus Mumford) and ‘White Horse’
  • Arlington, TX (March 31) – ‘Sad Beautiful Tragic’ and ‘Ours’
  • Arlington, TX (April 1) – ‘Death By a Thousand Cuts’ and ‘Clean’
  • Arlington, TX (April 2) – ‘Jump Then Fall’ and ‘The Lucky One’
  • Tampa, FL (April 13) – ‘Speak Now’ and ‘Treacherous’
  • Tampa, FL (April 14) – ‘The Great War’ (with Aaron Dessner) and ‘You’re On Your Own Kid’
  • Tampa, FL (April 15) – ‘mad woman’ (with Aaron Dessner) and ‘Mean’
  • Houston, TX (April 21) – ‘Wonderland’ and ‘You’re Not Sorry’
  • Houston, TX (April 22) – ‘A Place In This World’ and ‘Today Was A Fairytale’
  • Houston, TX (April 23) – ‘Begin Again’ and ‘Cold as You’
  • Atlanta, GA (April 28) – ‘The Other Side of the Door’ and ‘Coney Island’
  • Atlanta, GA (April 29) – ‘High Infidelity’ and ‘Gorgeous’
  • Atlanta, GA (April 30) – ‘I Bet You Think About Me’ and ‘How You Get The Girl’
  • Nashville, TN (May 5) – ‘Sparks Fly’ and ‘Teardrops On My Guitar’
  • Nashville, TN (May 6) – ‘Out of the Woods’ and ‘Fifteen’
  • Nashville, TN (May 7) – ‘Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve’ (with Aaron Dessner) and ‘Mine’
  • Philadelphia, PA (May 12) – ‘gold rush’ and ‘Come Back… Be Here’
  • Philadelphia, PA (May 13) – ‘Forever & Always’ and ‘This Love’
  • Philadelphia, PA (May 14) – ‘Hey Stephen’ and ‘The Best Day’
  • Foxborough, MA (May 19) – ‘Should’ve Said No’ and ‘Better Man’
  • Foxborough, MA (May 20) – ‘Question…?’ and ‘Invisible’
  • Foxborough, MA (May 21) – ‘I Think He Knows’ and ‘Red’
  • East Rutherford, NJ (May 26) – ‘Getaway Car’ (with Jack Antonoff) and ‘Maroon’
  • East Rutherford, NJ (May 27) – ‘Holy Ground’ and ‘False God’
  • East Rutherford, NJ (May 28) – ‘Welcome To New York’ and ‘Clean’
  • Chicago, IL (Jun 2) – ‘I Wish You Would’ and ‘the lakes’
  • Chicago, IL (Jun 3) – ‘You All Over Me’ (with Maren Morris) and ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’
  • Chicago, IL (Jun 4) – ‘Hits Different’ and ‘The Moment I Knew’
  • Detroit, MI (Jun 9) – ‘Haunted’ and ‘I Almost Do’
  • Detroit, MI (Jun 10) – ‘All You Had To Do Was Stay’ and ‘Breathe’
  • Pittsburgh, PA (June 16) – ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine’ and ‘The Last Time’
  • Pittsburgh, PA (June 17) – ‘seven’ (with Aaron Dessner) and ‘The Story of Us’
  • Minneapolis, MN (June 23) – ‘Paper Rings’ and ‘If This Was A Movie’
  • Minneapolis, MN (June 24) – ‘Dear John’ and ‘Daylight’
  • Cincinnati, OH (June 30) – ‘I’m Only Me When I’m With You’ and ‘evermore’
  • Cincinnati, OH (July 1) – ‘ivy’ (with Aaron Dessner), ‘I miss you, I’m sorry’ (with Gracie Abrams) and ‘Call It What You Want’
  • Kansas City, MO (July 7) – ‘Never Grow Up’ and ‘When Emma Falls in Love’
  • Kansas City, MO (July 8) – ‘Last Kiss’ and ‘dorothea’
  • Denver, CO (July 14) – ‘Picture To Burn’ and ‘Timeless’
  • Denver, CO (July 15) – ‘Starlight’ and ‘Back To December’
  • Seattle, WA (July 22) – ‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’ and ‘Everything Has Changed’
  • Seattle, WA (July 23) – ‘Message In A Bottle’ and ‘Tied Together With A Smile’
  • Santa Clara, CA (July 28) – ‘right where you left me’ (with Aaron Dessner) and ‘Castles Crumbling’
  • Santa Clara, CA (July 29) – ‘Stay Stay Stay’ and ‘All of the Girls You’ve Loved Before’
  • Los Angeles, CA (Aug 3) – ‘I Can See You’ and Maroon’
  • Los Angeles, CA (Aug 4) – ‘Our Song’ and ‘You Are In Love’
  • Los Angeles, CA (Aug 5) – ‘Death By A Thousand Cuts’ and ‘You’re On Your Own, Kid’
  • Los Angeles, CA (Aug 7) – ‘Dress’ and ‘exile’
  • Los Angeles, CA (Aug 8) – ‘I Know Places’ and ‘King of My Heart’
  • Los Angeles, CA (Aug 9) – ‘New Romantics’ and ‘New Year’s Day’
  • Mexico City, Mexico (Aug 24) – ‘I Forgot That You Existed’ and ‘Sweet Nothing’
  • Mexico City, Mexico (Aug 25) – ‘Tell Me Why’ and ‘Snow on the Beach’
  • Mexico City, Mexico (Aug 26) – ‘Cornelia Street’ and ‘You’re On Your Own, Kid’
  • Mexico City, Mexico (Aug 27) – ‘Afterglow’ and ‘Maroon’
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina (Nov 9) – ‘The Very First Night’ and ‘Labyrinth’
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina (Nov 11) – ‘Is It Over Now?’+ ‘Out of the Woods’ mashup and ‘End Game’
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina (Nov 12) – ‘Better Than Revenge’ and ‘Slut!’
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (Nov 17) – ‘Stay Beautiful’ and ‘Suburban Legends’
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (Nov 19) – ‘Dancing With Our Hands Tied’ and ‘Bigger Than The Whole Sky’
  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (Nov 20) – ‘ME!’ and ‘So It Goes…’
  • São Paulo, Brazil (Nov 24) – ‘Now That We Don’t Talk’ and ‘Innocent’
  • São Paulo, Brazil (Nov 25) – ‘Safe & Sound’ and ‘Untouchable’
  • São Paulo, Brazil (Nov 26) – ‘Say Don’t Go’ and ‘it’s time to go’
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As of November 26th, Taylor has performed 19 from Red (Taylor’s Version), 17 from Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), 16 from 1989 (Taylor’s Version), 15 from Fearless (Taylor’s Version), 11 from Midnights, 11 from Taylor Swift, 10 from Reputation, 10 from Lover, 8 from evermore and 6 from folklore.

Plus one soundtrack song (‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever) and one extra song that’s not her own (‘I miss you, I’m sorry’ with Gracie Abrams).

So far, Taylor has played an additional 124 songs from her own discography as surprise songs.

What surprise songs can Taylor Swift perform again?
What surprise songs can Taylor Swift perform again? Picture: Getty

What surprise songs will Taylor Swift perform again?

At the start of the The Eras Tour, Taylor revealed that she had two rules when it comes to playing surprise songs more than once. Rule 1: If she messed up, she’s allowed to play it again. Rule 2: Midnights songs are exempt and she can play them “however many times I want…”

However, on November 26th, during her final show of 2023, she confirmed that the list will be completely reset for the 2024 shows and ALL surprise songs that she’s previously played have the chance to be performed again. So, if you’re going to a London show and you’re hoping to hear ‘Clean’? It’s now a strong possibility.

Based on the 2023 rules, here’s the previous list of surprise songs that Taylor will perform again, according to Taylor herself or fans who were there on the night:

  • ‘Speak Now’
  • ‘Gorgeous’
  • ‘When Emma Falls In Love’
  • ‘right where you left me’
  • ‘Last Kiss’
  • ‘Clean’ (Played again on May 28th in East Rutherford)
  • ‘Our Song’ (Played again on August 4th in Los Angeles)
  • ‘Out of the Woods’ (Played again as part of a mashup on November 11th)
  • ‘Maroon’ (Played three times on May 26th, August 3rd and August 27th)
  • ‘Snow On The Beach’ (Played twice on March 24th and August 25th)
  • ‘You’re On Your Own Kid’ (Played three times on April 14th, August 5th and August 26th)
  • ‘Question..?’
  • ‘The Great War’
  • ‘High Infidelity’
  • ‘Labyrinth’
  • ‘Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve’
  • ‘Hits Different’
  • ‘Sweet Nothing’
  • ‘Bigger Than The Whole Sky’
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Taylor performed ‘Nothing New’ with Phoebe Bridgers on the nights Phoebe appears as a support act, but the song was not one of the two surprise songs. It’s unclear if Taylor will perform the song again later down the line as a surprise song, but it is possible.

Taylor also performed ‘No Body, No Crime’ with HAIM on the nights they supported the show. It’s also unclear if Taylor will perform that one again solo later down the line.

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What surprise songs has Taylor Swift performed on The Eras Tour?
What surprise songs has Taylor Swift performed on The Eras Tour? Picture: Getty

What surprise songs does Taylor Swift still have left to play?

With Taylor performing two surprise songs a night, it’s pretty much a given that she will perform the majority of them before she finishes the entire tour. Taylor has now confirmed that she has reset the list for the 2024 dates, which means international fans heading to the Eras Tour will likely hear some repeats, as well as those she has not yet performed.

There’s still plenty of tracks that Taylor has the option to perform. Here’s all the songs that she has not yet performed as surprise songs:

  • Taylor Swift: ‘The Outside’, ‘Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)’, ‘A Perfectly Good Heart’
  • Fearless (Taylor’s Version):The Way I Loved You’, ‘Change’, ‘Come In With The Rain’, ‘Superstar’, ‘We Were Happy’, ‘That’s When’, ‘Don’t You’, ‘Bye Bye Baby’
  • Speak Now (Taylor’s Version):‘Superman’, ‘Electric Touch’, ‘Foolish One’
  • Red (Taylor’s Version): ‘Girl At Home’, ‘Ronan’, ‘Babe’, ‘Forever Winter’, ‘Run’, ‘Eyes Open’
  • 1989 (Taylor’s Version): ‘Sweeter Than Fiction’
  • Reputation: ‘I Did Something Bad’
  • Lover: ‘London Boy’, ‘Soon You’ll Get Better’, ‘It’s Nice To Have A Friend’
  • Folklore: ‘Epiphany’, ‘Peace’, ‘Hoax’
  • Evermore: ‘Happiness’, ‘Long Story Short’, ‘Closure’
  • Midnights: ‘Paris’, ‘Glitch’, ‘Dear Reader’, ‘You’re Losing Me’
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Alongside those album tracks, there’s also several standalone and soundtrack songs that Taylor could add into the mix: ‘Crazier’, ‘Only The Young’, ‘Carolina’, ‘I Heart?’, ‘Beautiful Eyes’, ‘Beautiful Ghosts’… And of course, ‘Macavity’ and ‘Christmas Tree Farm’.

There’s also the small possibility that she could potentially perform the songs she’s featured on, maybe even with special guests: ‘The Joker and the Queen’, ‘Two Is Better Than One’, ‘Renegade’, ‘Both of Us’, ‘Gasoline’, ‘Birch’, ‘Highway Don’t Care’ and ‘The Alcott’.

What surprise songs does Taylor Swift have left to perform?
What surprise songs does Taylor Swift have left to perform? Picture: Getty

Will Taylor Swift add any more Speak Now or debut tracks to the setlist?

After unveiling her setlist on opening night, fans couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that Taylor only included one Speak Now song (‘Enchanted’) and one song from her self-titled debut album (‘Tim McGraw’). It then turned out that ‘Tim McGraw’ was also a surprise song – it wasn’t in the actual setlist.

So far, Taylor has performed a big chunk of the songs from those two albums as surprise songs already, but only one has officially been added to the setlist.

On July 7th and 8th, Taylor played ‘Long Live’ after ‘Enchanted’ during the Speak Now section for the first time. The song was then added to the official setlist.

Sadly, there is still no segment on the tour that celebrates the bops on her debut album.

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