When Shah Rukh Khan forced Lady Gaga to take his watch as gift: Reddit calls him out for ‘cringe’ behaviour

When Lady Gaga refused Shah Rukh Khan’s gift

A clip of that interview was recently posted on Reddit by a user with the caption: “Do you think his behavior here is acceptable?” During their fun chat, Shah Rukh offered his ‘expensive’ watch to Lady Gaga as a gift but she refused to accept it. He moved from one corner of the couch to the other and almost leaned over her, persisting her to accept the watch while she went into a huddle with her head down, continously saying ‘no’. She then asked him to give the watch to a fan instead but he told her that she can give it away if she wants.

Reddit calls out Shah Rukh Khan for behaviour in old video

The post received a negative response with many calling out Shah Rukh for his behaviour. A Reddit user wrote, “It’s funny how in movies they all be like ‘No means No’, but they themselves don’t follow what they preach.” Another said, “If Ranveer Singh/Varun did this, people in this sub would have burned them to death.”

A comment also read: “She was so uncomfortable of his closeness.” “He was almost over her.. dat was bad,” read another comment. A person wrote, “I don’t think I can watch the full thing, If I did I will cringe out of existence.” A person also said, “Not right on his part. His ego got hurt.. and he could not handle himself in the situation. He could have just kept his mouth shut and stayed calm with a smile.”

Few however claimed that the act could have been scripted. “These are scripted shows which is told to both beforehand,” read a comment.

Shah Rukh is back with three releases this year. He made a comeback after a four-year hiatus with Pathaan in January. It went on to become the biggest Indian blockbuster of the year. He will now be seen in Jawan in September and then Dunki in December.

Lady Gaga will next be seen in Joker: Folie a Deux opposite Joaquin Phoenix. In the Todd Phillips-directed movie, the actor-singer will be essaying the role of Harley Quinn.

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