Did Selena Gomez undergo ‘fox eye’ surgery? Some fans on Instagram think so

Selena Gomez is one of the most popular celebs on social media. In fact, she is the most-followed woman on Instagram with over 414 million followers at the time of writing this article. The 30-year-old has always maintained a good relationship with her fans online, while she champions for kindness and mental health. The singer and actress has also been quite vocal about her own struggles – physically, emotionally, and mentally. Selena has been honest about her struggles with Lupus, her subsequent weight gain, body-image issues, and much more.

And now, fans are wondering if Selena has undergone facial surgery, or, fox-eye surgery to be precise, to change her appearance in recent years. Read on to know more.

Selena Gomez underwent ‘fox-eye’ surgery?

The online debate regarding whether Selena Gomez went under the knife started when an Instagram account by the name of @plasticne, shared two images of the singer next to each other. While one picture was from 2016, the other photograph is a more recent one from the 2023 Golden Globe Awards.

The account often compares pictures of celebrities who might have gone under the knife.

As soon as Selena’s pictures were shared on the Instagram page, the comments were flooded with different opinions from fans.

Fans react to Selena Gomez’s comparison pictures

Some fans were of the opinion that Selena Gomez ‘got fox eye surgery’. Other fans opined that the Rare singer did not go through any cosmetic procedure at all and that the pictures were themselves photoshopped, making any true comparison difficult.

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One fan articulated it well as she said, “I see no plastic here. I see age, weight gain, and steroid side effects. None of these are anything to be hated on or called out for! All very natural and realistic parts of being human!” On the other hand, another user commented, “Love how people still try and tear a beautiful woman down.” Yet another fan asked the creator of the post to “normalize natural aging,” and not assume that Gomez got plastic surgery.

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