Patrick Mahomes’ records: All the marks the Chiefs QB has surpassed in his four years in the NFL

Patrick Mahomes has given us four wondrous years in the NFL and it has been a joy to watch him play the game, whether you are a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs or not. As Patrick Mahomes celebrates his 26th birthday, we look back at some of the records he has made his own during his nascent career.

Patrick Mahomes has set the bar high in his four years in the NFL

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Here are just some of the records that Patrick Mahomes has smashed in his four years in the NFL.

  • Became the youngest quarterback ever to be named Super Bowl MVP when the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV.
  • At 25 years and 143 days, Patrick Mahomes became the youngest quarterback ever to appear in two Super Bowls when he played in Super Bowl LV. The previous record holder was Russell Wilson, who was 26 years and 64 days old.
  • He equalled two other great quarterbacks, Dan Marino and Peyton Manning, in having 4000+ passing yards in three of their first four NFL seasons.
  • He tied Kurt Warner at 17 300-plus-yard passing games in his first three NFL seasons.
  • During the 2019 season, he threw for 1,831 yards without a single interception to begin the season. In the process, Patrick Mahomes snatched the record from Peyton Manning, who went 1,744 yards without an interception to begin an NFL season.
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Mahomes is also the fastest quarterback to reach pretty much every record. The Chiefs superstar reached 10,000 career passing yards in 34 games, requiring two games fewer than previous record holder Kurt Warner. He threw for 9,238 yards and 75 touchdowns in just 30 games, a feat that made him the fastest quarterback to reach the combined milestone of 9000+ yards and 75 touchdowns.

He is also the fastest quarterback to reach 4,000 passing yards. Patrick Mahomes achieved the feat in just 13 games. To top it all, he has the most passing yards in his first 50 career starts in the NFL, beating out Kurt Warner in just 47 games.

He’s no slouch when it comes to touchdowns either. He threw for 29 touchdowns in his first 10 games in the NFL, which is higher than any other quarterback. He reached 90 career TDs in 37 career games, one again beating out Kurt Warner by three games.

We could go on and on, but you get the idea. Patrick Mahomes has raised the bar to a standard where his only competition is himself. He will certainly go on to break more records in what is expected to be a glorious, spellbinding NFL career. To think we almost saw him grace the world of baseball.

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