Cowboys news: Odell Beckham Jr. sends series of cryptic messages amid rumored signing

Odell Beckham Jr. Sends Series of Cryptic Messages Amid Rumored Signing – Jonathan Adams,

After Jerry Jones continued to stoke the fire surrounding Odell Beckham Jr. rumors this morning, Beckham is now sending out some interesting tweets himself.

“All weapons formed against me gotta chance,” Beckham tweeted on December 16, 2022.

Beckham went on to tweet again noting that, “God got somethin bigger planned.” The receiver also made a promise about his eventual return adding, “I promise we gon get our lixk back… Grateful for what I have tho.”

Beckham’s most cryptic message came at the end of the series of tweets when the playmaker noted that “every step is calculated.” The former Pro Bowler did not respond to Jones’ claim, and it is unclear exactly what Beckham was referencing on Twitter.

“From here until it’s time…. Every step is calculated and no wasted motions… is it what it is. ♟️” Beckham added.

Jones made it sound like Beckham’s addition was inevitable, but neither the Cowboys nor the wideout have announced that anything is official. The Cowboys owner appeared to contradict himself in the same statement alternating from Beckham’s status being definitive to adding that Dallas has a “good chance” to sign the receiver.

Tyron Smith Expected To Return In Week 15, Play Right Tackle – Pro Football Rumors, Sam Robinson

All-Pro left tackle Tryon Smith is expected to be back in the lineup for Sunday’s game. He hasn’t played at right tackle since his rookie season, but there are rumors circulating that’s where he ends up.

The Cowboys had planned to move Tyler Smith to left guard, but Steele’s injury looks to have nixed that idea. Rather than moving a rookie off the spot he has played all season, Dallas will ask one of this era’s best left tackles to work at a position he has not played since his 2011 rookie year. Josh Ball replaced Steele in Week 14, and earlier this week, it appeared (via the Dallas Morning News’ Calvin Watkins, on Twitter) the plan would be for Ball and Jason Peters to rotate at right tackle. A more interesting solution appears in the cards.

Dallas has two of the most recent All-Decade team’s left tackles, in Peters and Tyron Smith, but the former has not played on the right side since 2006. Peters has transitioned to guard this season, rotating in as a backup at points prior to his right-edge cameo in Week 14. The 40-year-old blocker represents an unusual swing player, but he replaced Ball on Dallas’ game-winning drive against the Texans.

Mike McCarthy said he tried as many as five O-line combinations Thursday, though the easiest way to not disrupt continuity would be to plug in Tyron Smith and leave the other four spots unchanged. It does represent an interesting ask from the Cowboys, with Smith coming back after a near-four-month absence and being thrown into a new role. Should this not work out, however, the team has some flexibility here.

It would make for quite the interesting footnote in O-line history if two likely Hall of Fame left tackles each played on the right side in the same game. Although it is not known who will start, that could very well happen.

Cowboys’ rushing attack could help solve a lot of their current issues – Brian Martin, Blogging the Boys

Against the NFL’s weaker competition, the Cowboys have been struggling as of late. The team has been trying to find solutions, but their best option might be the one stated since training camp.

Realistically, the Cowboys will very likely see a dip in production at both CB and RT after losing Anthony Brown and Terence Steele for the rest of the year. It’s only natural when a backup has to step in as a starter, and yet, there is potentially a way to lessen the blow these two season-ending injuries could have on the team moving forward.

As luck would have it, the Dallas Cowboys are currently one of the best teams running the ball this season. As things stand right now, they are seventh in the league with a total of 1,878 rushing yards, averaging 4.7 yards per carry and 144.5 yards per game. They are also second in league in rushing touchdowns (21), only behind the Philadelphia Eagles (27).

While it’s true Ezekiel Elliott, Tony Pollard, and to a lesser extent Dak Prescott, don’t directly help with the loss of Anthony Brown at CB and Terence Steele at RT, that doesn’t mean they can’t help out in an indirect way. In fact, what Zeke and TP can do on the ground with their legs, and Prescott if he’ll scramble more often, could be the answer to Dallas’ current issues.

By leaning a little bit more on the running game the Cowboys can, in an indirect way, help whoever steps in as an injury fill-in at CB and RT. By running the ball more, and hopefully more efficiently, Dallas can control the time of possession, and in so doing, lessen the amount of time the defense is on the field.

For a unit that’s pretty much carried the team most the season, this would be welcomed news to Micah Parsons and Company. This would not only help keep them fresh after a long season of physical play, but also lessen the amount of time teams can target Kelvin Joseph or whoever else may end up starting opposite Trevon Diggs the rest of the year.

Dallas Cowboys have all the edges vs. the Jaguars but don’t plan to take them lightly – Clarence E. Hill Jr., Fort Worth Star-Telegram

The Cowboys have the “edge” at almost every position group, but the entire team knows the Jags are playing for their playoff lives, which for Mike McCarthy, can motivate any opponent.

His focus is on the Jaguars, who have won two of their last three games, led by quarterback Trevor Lawrence, a former first overall pick who is playing the best football of his career. “I won’t talk about it until we get the 11th win,” McCarthy said. “I know so much of this game is based on utilization of your mental and emotional energy. And I’m not talking about 11 wins verses 10 wins is going to tap us out emotionally. That’s not what I’m saying. But I’m just I’m beginning to listen to your language and I don’t waste too much time on things that don’t matter. And that fits into that category. So it’s just really staying focused on what’s most important we got we got to win this game on the road.”

McCarthy does allow that getting to the playoffs with the 11th win is the step in the right direction for the Cowboys as it puts them on the road to their biggest goal, the Super Bowl. “Any time being a Dallas Cowboy if you could say anytime you’re able to be part of history I think that’s that’s a that’s a big deal,” McCarthy said. “Any time you could stand there as a football team and say they’ve done something that hasn’t been done for quite some time for Dallas Cowboys. It’s very positive but it’s our expectation. We expected it. We expect to go to the playoffs. We expect this. It’s where we expect it to be. What are we going to do with this expectation and that’s what’s exciting.”

So who has the edge Sunday: Cowboys offense vs. Jaguars defense The Jaguars defense is not good, ranking 27th overall and 28th against the pass, allowing 253.3 yards per game. And while its respectable against the run, giving up 115.4 yards per game, it doesn’t present as an impenetrable force. Running backs Tony Pollard and Ezekiel Elliott should do enough damage to set stage quarterback Dak Prescott to make big plays through the air to CeeDee Lamb and Micahel Gallup.

Edge: Cowboys

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