Lil Durk & Mariah Carey Spotted At Dinner Together & Fans Go Wild: This Was ‘Not On The 2022 Bingo Card’

Lil Durk & Mariah Carey Spotted At Dinner Together & Fans Go Wild: This Was ‘Not On The 2022 Bingo Card’
Lil Durk & Mariah Carey Spotted At Dinner Together & Fans Go Wild: This Was ‘Not On The 2022 Bingo Card’

Lil Durk and Mariah Carey have fans talking about a possible holiday collab after they were seen posing for a picture together in a photo that surfaced on Thursday, Nov. 10. In the pic, seen here, the musicians leaned into each other and smiled at a table with a white cloth covering its surface. Mariah, 52, had a big grin on her face and wore a skin-tight long-sleeve shirt, while Durk, 30, was dressed in a white graphic tee and black jacket. Shirin Amiri, the wife of fashion designer Mike Amiri, also posed for the picture and smiled on the right side of Durk.

The sight had fans going wild on social media, with many theorizing that the pair might be collaborating on a tune for the holidays. “Lil Durk making a Christmas song with Mariah Carey was definitely not on the 2022 bingo card,” one user tweeted after seeing the photo. “Lil Durk And Mariah Seen Together…” another fan wrote on the platform. “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.” A third user called the rendezvous “wholesome”, while a fourth claimed the potential collab is a money grab.

Lil Durk and Mariah Carey
Fans believe a collaboration between Lil Durk and Mariah Carey may be on the way after they were spotted posing for a photo together (Photo: MEGA/Shutterstock)

Of course, the collaboration has yet to be confirmed. If they are in fact working on a song, though, it’s already got the support of countless fans.

As fans know, it’s already Christmas season for the unofficial “Queen of Christmas”. She turned her world into a winter wonderland as soon as the clock struck midnight on Oct. 31, which she exemplified in a very Mariah TikTok she shared on Nov. 1. In the TikTok, seen here, Mariah rode what appeared to be a Peloton-type machine as creepy Halloween music played in the background. She was dressed in an all-black getup that featured lace-up boots and a witch’s hat and lip-synced to a witch laugh as a calendar flew by her. Once the calendar ran out of days in October, the video transformed into a Christmas scene.

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“It’s time!” Mariah squealed in excitement as her iconic hit “All I Want For Christmas Is You” began playing. Mariah’s outfit switched to a Santa-inspired look and she sat upon a fake reindeer decorated with colorful sleigh bells. Snow fell to the ground and a Christmas village could be seen behind her.

A few days later, Mariah appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote her new Christmas children’s book, The Christmas Princess. The duo created a hilarious skit in which Jimmy, 48, found out he is on Santa’s naughty list. While Mariah originally agreed with the placement, she had a change of heart and helped the host get off the naughty list by giving everyone in the audience a copy of her book. It’s certainly nice having Mariah as the “Queen of Christmas”!

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