“The OGs”: Lamar Jackson is hyped about Snoop Dogg and Rey Mysterio’s tribute at Wrestlemania

Lamar Jackson is a busy man this offseason, with a lot of thoughts swirling around his head right now, but he still appreciated Snoop Dogg and Rey Mysterio’s tribute.

Rey Mysterio is part of Wrestlemania, perhaps the biggest event that WWE hosts. Wrestlemania is truly a one-of-a-kind spectacle.

Every year, wrestlers both current and past come together to take part in a competition in front of a massive audience. John Cena, Shawn Michaels, and the Undertaker have all competed in this mystical event before.

Rey Mysterio chose to have an electric introduction, coming in with hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg.

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Lamar Jackson shouts out Snoop Dogg and Rey Mysterio’s dramatic entrance

It wouldn’t be Wrestlemania without some crazy intros and crazy fights and Rey Mysterio was able to fill both of those conditions at once.

Rey Mysterio was recently inducted into the hall of fame for WWE, and as his first fight, he chose a worthy challenger. Mysterio went up against his son Dominik.

Dominik also had a crazy introduction, showing up to the fight with a full police escort. Mysterio chose to go for a little more class with his intro, showing up on lowrider which Snoop Dogg was driving. He then plays Eddie Guerrero’s music, as a tribute to his late best friend.

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That has to be one of the best WWE entrances of all time, and Lamar Jackson made sure to show his appreciation.

Jackson faces his own problems in the middle of Wrestlemania

While Jackson was cheering on the OGs in Wrestlemania, he still has the weight of an uncertain offseason over his head. The Ravens quarterback formally requested a trade from the team after they failed to acknowledge his value and give him the contract he wanted.

Jackson was franchise tagged by the Ravens, who also had the ability to match any deal any other team threw at him, but now, Jackson has had enough.

He saw the deals Deshaun Watson and other star quarterbacks were able to land, where the money was fully guaranteed, and he believed he deserved something like that. Unfortunately for him, the Ravens weren’t able to come to a deal, and now, he must leave the team.

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