Watch Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire's All-Time Best Duets

Reba McEntire will serve as a Mega Mentor on The Voice Season 23, where she will advise all of the season’s remaining Artists on how to survive the Knockout Round of the competition.

But McEntire’s Voice appearance is not the first time fans get to see her team up with beloved Voice Coach Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson is famous for her incredible duets and covers — and McEntire has been her duetting partner for well over a decade. Their many performances together have proven that their voices blend together just as well as their personalities do.

“Any time I can sing with Kelly is a thrill for me,” McEntire said when reflecting on her earlier duets with the singer. And that thrill is shared amongst fans every time the powerhouse duo gets together.

Here is an extensive list of Clarkson and McEntire’s best duets, ranging from studio-recorded tracks to live recordings, for your listening pleasure.

Kelly and Reba Sang “Because of You” in 2007

McEntire released an entire album of duets, called Reba Duets, in 2007. The album features her singing “Faith in Love” with fellow Voice mentors Rascal Flatts, who advised Team Shelton on Season 13.

She teamed up with Clarkson to cover one of the latter singer’s most popular songs of all time, and the rest is musical history.

Kelly and Reba Sang “Fancy” in 2007

In 2007, the duo performed together on CMT Crossroads, a show that paired famous country singers together.

McEntire and Clarkson chose to cover one of McEntire’s songs this time, singing the fan-favorite hit “Fancy.”

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Kelly and Reba Also Sang “Does He Love You” in 2007

The live audience at CMT Crossroads was graced with another show-stopping performance when McEntire and Clarkson duetted the former’s hit song “Does He Love You.”

Fans comment that McEntire’s passion and emotion comes through “no matter who she sings with,” and Clarkson echoes that depth beautifully in the performance.

(McEntire and fellow icon Dolly Parton released their own version of the classic duet as well.)

Kelly and Reba Sang “Because of You” Again in 2009

Two years after recording their rendition of “Because of You,” McEntire and Clarkson reprised their collaboration with an emotional, dramatic music video.

The video shows Clarkson’s character covering up a bruise on her face and McEntire steps in to comfort and help her, offering a somber look into the popular lyrics.

Kelly and Reba Sand “Silent Night” with Trisha Yearwood in 2013

Clarkson hosted the 2013 NBC special, Kelly Clarkson’s Cautionary Christmas Music Tale which featured plenty of exciting musical guests.

Of course, McEntire made the list — and Trisha Yearwood joined the duo in singing the iconic Christmas song, “Silent Night.”

Kelly and Reba Sang a Whole Medley of Songs on Clarkson’s 2019 Tour

Clarkson’s 2019 Meaning of Life tour made a stop in Nashville, where McEntire made a special guest appearance as part of Clarkson’s “Minute and A Glass of Wine” segment on social media, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at her life on tour as well as clips from each performance. (Voice Coach John Legend also made an appearance on a different leg of this tour, where they sang their “Run Run Run” duet together live.)

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“This person has been such an influence, not just musically but personally,” Clarkson said, introducing McEntire. “I’m making this person sing way more songs than they probably thought they were going to.” After the performance, she told the audience, “First of all, you’re welcome.”

The two sang “Because of You,” McEntire’s songs “Can’t Even Get The Blues No More,” “Fancy,” and “Is There Life Out There.” They also sang McEntire’s newly released 2019 single “Freedom.”

You can also catch their incredible live performance on Clarkson’s Facebook Page.

Bonus: Kellyoke Cover of “Why Haven’t I Heard From You”

In Season 1 of The Kelly Clarkson Show, Clarkson sang a beautiful cover of McEntire’s “Why Haven’t I Heard From You” as part of her ongoing “Kellyoke” segment. The performance definitely reminded us why Clarkson is the queen of belting. Though McEntire wasn’t present for the cover, it’s still another great example of the magic that results when the two musical icons put their talents together.

Catch Kelly Clarkson on NBC and Peacock. Watch The Voice on NBC Mondays at 8/7c and Tuesdays at 9/8c and next day on Peacock. And check local listing for The Kelly Clarkson Show.

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