What was Katy Perry’s eye malfunction?

KATY Perry has been busting out her hits on stage for more than a decade.

But in October 2022 something happened during the pop star’s performance that scared the masses.

Katy Perry’s eye became the topic of conversation online in October 2022Credit: TikTok

What happened to Katy Perry’s eye?

A clip surfaced on Tiktok of Katy on stage in Las Vegas struggling to open her right eye.

The singer can be seen trying to prompt it open with her hand, and appears to be struggling to lift her eyelid.

As her eye flickers, Katy is staring off into the distance in the middle of her show.

The mum then turns to look at the crowd and regains composure, before telling fans: “Make even more noise for my band.”

But, the moment saw many fear the 38-year-old had suffered from facial paralysis.

One concerned user wrote: “What in the Justin Bieber is going on here?”

Another added: “Is this real? Really worried for her.”

And a third chimed in: “Doesn’t matter what caused it. The fact that it happened is scary as hell.

“Politics aside this is a health issue and I wish the best for her.”

Some even joked Katy had been hit by a “mechanical failure” or a “glitch” in the matrix.

One person commented: “Clone failure. Next time make sure all software are updated and make necessary patches.”

What have fans said about Katy Perry’s eye?

Amid all the controversy surrounding Katy’s eye flicker, hardcore fans were sure to set the record straight.

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They explained the California-born artist takes on the roll of a doll-like character as a skit throughout her show.

One Reddit user observed: “It’s like one of those dolls that you tilt back and the eyes close, but one of the eyelids got stuck open.

“The resemblance is uncanny.”

Another replied: “That’s literally exactly what she’s going for lol.

“She plays a toy doll in a giant toy box in her residency show.”

What has Katy Perry said?

While the pop star doesn’t appear to have directly commented on the clip and speculation that surrounds it, she has previously spoken about her “wonk eye”.

During an episode of American Idol in 2021, the judge told a 17-year-old contestant to “celebrate” his lazy eye.

She said: “I have a wonk eye as well, and I used to be worried about it.

“Then a bunch of my fans created a fandom over my wonk-eye. I even have a fandom that calls itself, ‘Katy’s wonk-eye’.

“It’s my right eye. So just celebrate all that stuff. Don’t worry about it.”

Ahead of her residency, Katy backed up fan theories telling Good Morning America that she played a doll in the show.

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