Justin Timberlake opens up to Dax Shepard about being high during Punk’d episode: ‘I was so stoned’

Justin Timberlake opens up to Dax Shepard about being high during Punk’d episode: ‘I was so stoned’
Justin Timberlake opens up to Dax Shepard about being high during Punk’d episode: ‘I was so stoned’
Justin Timberlake took a look back at his classic Punk’d episode (Picture: REX/MTV)

Justin Timberlake has recalled being high when he first met Dax Shepard during an iconic 2003 episode of the popular prank series Punk’d.

The pop star has been one of the first celebrity victims of the hit MTV series created by Ashton Kutcher, with the prank seeing his team pretend that government agents were seizing all his property due to unpaid income taxes.

In the classic episode, Justin famously burst into tears due to his distress over the situation as the likes of Dax pulled off their memorable trick.

However, the singer admitted the situation had been made all the worse because he was actually stoned at the time.

Looking back at the moment on Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, Justin explained: ‘I’ve stated this before but because of that day, and my buddy who took to golf and got me so stoned, I swore off any type of cannabis for at least a year.’

The 39-year-old added: ‘The reason the episode was so genius is, if you look back at the other episodes they happened in a parking lot or in a grocery store, this one happened on my property with a gate.’

He continued: ‘I think MTV edited out a lot because I remember sitting down on my front porch and looking at my friend I was like “I’m so high man, is this real? Is this really happening?”‘

Dax explained he was left with a great impression of Justin on the day because the singer had not been uspet over material things.

The actor recalled: ‘When I brought up your dogs, you got really emotional and I thought “Oh my God, I’ve gone too far. This is terrible.” All this stuff is happening and I thought, “This is a beautiful dude who only cares about his dog.”

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‘You didn’t care that you’d lost your house and all your s**t was locked up, when it was the dogs you were like “no, no, no”.’

Dax Shepard was one of the actors who played the trick on Justin (Picture: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Justin – who was 21 at the time of the prank – replied: ‘This is funny part, the dogs were actually my mom’s. So it hit even moreso than if I had a pet. Her dogs are everything to her.

‘They got her on the phone, and honestly that performance on the phone that you couldn’t hear, it made me question everything about my mother.’

The My Love singer added: ‘That’s when it got really real because I was like, “What if I don’t get my mum’s dogs back?” I was so gone.

Justin admitted he started to cry because he thought he wouldn’t be able to get his mom’s dogs back (Credits: Magnus Sundholm/REX)

‘I was trying to poke holes in the whole situation but when the dogs got involved, that’s when all bets were off. I just had this thought, I just sat down and I was like “What if my mom never sees her dogs again? Will she ever forgive me?”.’

Justin admitted he should have seen through the prank as he laughed: ‘Here’s how I know I was so high. My friend was good friends with Ashton and Wilmer Valderrama and he just told me that they did a prank on Wilmer where they busted a fake version of his car for this new show.’

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Dax admitted he was grateful that Justin allowed the episode to air, as Justin recalled being told by Ashton that several other celebrities chose not to.

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The Rock Your Body hitmaker stated: ‘Ashton told me there’s a whole list that will go to the grave that never signed off. I think that’s a shame because, at the end of the day, nobody got hurt.’

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