Some Chiefs fans had a problem with Patrick Mahomes drinking during Super Bowl parade

The Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade was a sight to behold, with Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and more celebrating with the fans.

Mahomes and his teammates chugged just about every beer available in Kansas City during the Super Bowl, and went clubbing thereafter. It was a deserved party after an incredible season which resulted in the second Lombardi trophy of Mahomes’ career. It likely won’t be his last.

The 27-year-old took note from Tom Brady’s latest parade route and let loose. While he didn’t have a boat at his disposal, Mahomes had plenty of fun.

It should be noted that Ross Tucker was being sarcastic in the tweet above.

Some KC sports fans, however, were offended by Mahomes perceived ‘excessive’ drinking during the parade, especially with children watching. The Kansas City Star published several letters to the editor complaining about just that.

“I am not opposed to drinking nor naive enough to think our football players don’t drink. However, it is completely unnecessary to let Chiefs players drink during the Super Bowl parade. It should not have been allowed by coach Andy Reid and the team’s ownership for some very good reasons,” one reader wrote.

Was Patrick Mahomes drinking a problem during Chiefs Super Bowl parade?

Drinking alcohol is a rather acceptable part of society these days, and it seems a bit much to ask NFL players who put their bodies on the line for our entertainment during the season, to hide their urges from the city.

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The concerned readers wrote that these players are role models for young children, arguing that witnessing that kind of binge drinking in a public forum could do irreparable harm.

“While viewing your parade on Wednesday…I was surprised and dismayed to see that Patrick Mahomes and other players were drinking alcohol again. I felt that way three years ago, and I thought there would have been enough negative feedback from the parents of children and teenagers voicing their concerns to the Chiefs’ administration that it wouldn’t be repeated,” a separate reader wrote the KC Star.

Now clearly this is a small sample size of readers, but it does provide some insight into the impact professional athletes can have on the lives of parents of small children.

As humorous as Mahomes chugging a Coors Light, it’s easy to see the other side.

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