Miley Cyrus smile makeover: what has she done to her teeth? Dentists explain

Miley Cyrus delighted fans on Friday when she released her new song, Used To Be Young, along with a music video.

While the emotional song saw fans in their feels, many also commented on Miley’s smile, which looked noticeably different, prompting fans to wonder what Miley has had done to her teeth.

“When did Miley Cyrus’ teeth change?” one asked on Twitter, while another queried: “Has Miley changed her teeth?” Take a look at Miley’s teeth in the video below and see for yourself…

The former Hannah Montana star has always had an incredibly beautiful smile, but has she had work done to perfect her teeth? We consulted top dentists to find out.

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What has Miley Cyrus done to her teeth?

The 30-year-old used to have fairly prominent gums, which are no longer noticeable, with Dr. Raj Juneja of Face Teeth Smile Dental Clinic speculating she may have had gum contouring.

“Miley has likely had gum contouring (crown lengthening) to improve her gummy smile and even out the gum line,” he explains.

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Thuha Jabbar of Almas Dentistry and Aesthetics notes Miley could have had a gum lift. “A gum lift is a surgical procedure aimed at surgically addressing gum-related issues,” she explains.

Has Miley Cyrus had braces?

Prior to her smile makeover, Miley’s teeth looked a little more crowded, as Dr. Raj Juneja points out: “In Miley’s previous photos you can see marked crowding (overlapping of her front teeth) which has been corrected.

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“This almost certainly means she has had some sort of orthodontic (braces) treatment. She may have had Invisalign clear aligners or lingual braces to make this treatment as discreet as possible,” Dr. Raj adds.

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Has Miley Cyrus had veneers?

Our dental experts think Miley has had veneers fitted to her teeth to create their picture-perfect uniform look.

“It appears that Miley has chosen veneers, evident from the veneers’ distinctive shape and polished appearance,” says Dr. Thuha.

On why the Wrecking Ball singer has chosen veneers over composite bonding, Dr. Thuha notes: “Veneers offer the advantage of a minimally invasive procedure while boasting greater durability, resulting in a longer-lasting solution with reduced maintenance requirements.”

Dr. Raj agrees, continuing: “Miley appears to have had porcelain veneers after braces to improve the size, shape and colour of her teeth.”

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Has Miley Cyrus had her teeth whitened?

Since Miley has veneers, which are fitted over the top of someone’s natural teeth, it’s unlikely she had her teeth whitened.

“When you have veneers or crowns made, you pick the shade which can be as white as you like,” explains leading hygienist Anna Middleton, founder of London Hygienist.

Anna explains that there’s a clever way to choose the right shade of white for your teeth. “Ideally when you have your teeth whitened, or you choose to have crowns or veneers, you want the white of the teeth to match the white of your eyes.

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“That’s why if someone has had their teeth whitened and it’s an unnatural shade, it can look very obvious.”

We think Miley’s teeth look brilliant – we hope she’s happy with them!

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