Inside Justin Bieber’s $4M Car Collection including $2.25M Bugatti Veyron

EVEN though Justin Bieber is only 28, he’s already bought enough cars to run his own dealership.

Bieber’s car collection demands a double-take with more than 15 motors worth over $4 million, reports The Richest.

Singer Justin Bieber attends the Grand Opening of West Coast Customs’ Burbank Headquarters in 2014Credit: Getty Images – Getty

From a Batmobile-inspired Cadillac CTS-V to a gifted Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport and beyond, here’s your inside look at the world-famous pop star’s extravagant stock of automobiles.

Bieber’s passion for cars has landed the singer in hot water on more than one occasion.

The pop star’s first publicized run-in with the law while driving occurred when he was 17 in 2011, ABC reports.

Bieber’s three-car motorcade cut off a police officer during the incident.

The officer let Bieber off with a warning.

In May 2022, rumors of Ferrari’s notoriously rigid customer service banning Bieber from purchasing any more of their cars surfaced, Auto Evolution reports.

The ban supposedly came after Bieber changed his Ferrari’s color and left the car behind at a Los Angeles hotel for three weeks.

Ferrari doesn’t like their cars overly customized and neglected.

Bieber’s view on car customization differs from Ferrari’s as the singer holds partial ownership of the well-known personalization garage, West Coast Customs.

In a 2015 interview with Martha Stewart, Bieber said: “I do love cars. I’ve got a Ferrari. And then I have an Audi R8, which is matte black. I have a Range Rover. I have a Mercedes-Maybach.

And Bieber’s list of vehicles continues to grow.

Justin Bieber shakes hands with a fan from his Ferrari 458 Italia with West Coast Customs Founder and CEO, Ryan Friedlinghaus, in the passenger seatCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Take a closer look at the collection to learn more about Bieber’s driving preferences.

$2.25M Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport

Bugatti Veyron Grand SportCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Bieber’s priciest car is his Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport, which features an all-wheel-drive configuration, 987 standard horsepower, and a 255 mph top speed.

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The Richest reports that this Bugatti was a gift from Bieber’s friend and rapper, Birdman.

$330K Rolls-Royce Wraith

A Royce the Wraith example on display at the Geneva International Motor ShowCredit: AFP – Getty

GQ reports that Bieber commissioned West Coast Customs to personalize his Rolls-Royce Wraith in 2018.

This Rolls-Royce is one of Bieber’s most concept-leaning cars with its lowered height and silver wheel covers.

$450K Lamborghini Aventador

Justin Bieber driving his Lamborghini AventadorCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Bieber dropped a hefty $450K on a sleek Lamborghini Aventador for his 18th birthday, reports The Richest.

Bieber took the initially gray Aventador to West Coast Customs to give the car a red, then mint exterior color wrapping that produced a teal blue shade.

The Canadian-born singer then had West Coast Customs spray paint “Cash Only” on both of the vehicle’s side doors.

$240K Lamborghini Huracán

A bright orange $240K Lamborghini Huracán is one of Bieber’s newest cars.

Orange Lamborghini parked in MiamiCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Bieber revealed his Huracán by posting a photo of himself in front of the car and his private jet.

$218K Lamborghini Urus

While still an expensive Lamborghini, Bieber’s $240K Urus SUV is one of the singer’s more practical vehicles.

Bieber has wrapped his Urus in vinyl wrap colors like matte salmon pink and light sand.

Lamborghini’s Urus is the Italian manufacturer’s debut SUV releaseCredit: Getty Images – Getty

$209K Lamborghini Gallardo

Bieber’s least expensive Lamborghini is a $209K Gallardo Spyder that was a gift from rapper Puff Daddy for his 16th birthday, reports The Richest.

$400K Mercedes-Maybach

Bieber’s most expensive Mercedes-Benz is his $400K Mercedes-Maybach S-600.

The S-600 is one of the most luxurious sedans on the market with its sprawling rear room and high-tech configurations.

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$250K Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

Adding to Bieber’s Mercedes-Benz collection is the singer’s silver $250K Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG that features the manufacturer’s signature gullwing doors.

Mercedes’ SLS AMG on displayCredit: Getty Images – Getty

The AMG is one of Bieber’s most frequently used vehicles as he’s often spotted driving the 571 horsepower car with his wife, Hayley.

$150K Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG

One of Bieber’s most frequently customized models is his $150K Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG Wagon.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber driving in Justin’s Mercedes G-65 AMG WagonCredit: Getty Images – Getty

The Richest mentions that Bieber applied a Christmas-themed wrap to his G65’s exterior in 2017.

$45K Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

When a commercial vehicle is most appropriate for travel, Bieber’s $45K Mercedes-Benz Sprinter designed by West Coast Customs is available for use.

A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van on stage at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hanover, Germany, in 2018Credit: Getty Images – Getty

$148K-199K Audi R8

Black Audi R8 modelCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Bieber’s Audi R8 is known for its leopard print exterior paint job, also from West Coast Customs.

CarBuzz reports that the Audi R8’s base price is around $148K-$199K.

$100K Cadillac CTS-V Batmobile

West Coast Customs transformed a Cadillac CTS-V into a Batmobile-inspired design for Bieber. The base price of Bieber’s CTS-V before customization would land around $63K, according to Hollywood Life.

Signature components of this Cadillac coupe include a black body kit, black matching windows, and matching rims.

West Coast Customs CEO Ryan Friedlinghaus said that his shop “gave him [Bieber] the CTS-V that he loves but made it a bit bigger so he’s more comfortable.

$239K Ferrari 458 Italia and $186K-235K Ferrari F430

Bieber may wish he hadn’t parted with his $239K Ferrari in 2017 after his recent ban from the manufacturer.

Ferrari’s reported dismay toward Bieber is allegedly rooted in his treatment of his 458 Italia.

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Bieber left his Ferrari 458 for weeks at the Montage Hotel, Daily Mail reports.

Bieber’s Ferrari 458 in matte redCredit: Getty Images – Getty

It was later confirmed that the car had been safely parked at a Beverly Hills hotel.

One of Bieber’s first cars was a Ferrari F430 that CarBuzz reports costing $186K-$235K.

The F430 is becoming a modern classic for Ferrari collectors.

The F430 model pictured aboveCredit: Getty Images – Getty

$130K Porsche 997 Turbo and $219K Porche 911 Turbo

Bieber has shown his love for German car manufacturer Porsche with his $130K 997 Turbo and $219K 911 Turbo.

Side profile of a Porsche 997 TurboCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Hollywood Life reports that Bieber’s 997 Turbo is blacked out with some red trim around the wheels, while the 911 Turbo features a white convertible configuration.

A Porsche 911 Turbo S on display during the 19th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition in 2021Credit: Getty Images – Getty

$120K Chrome Fisker Karma

Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, gifted Bieber a $120K Fisker Karma electric sports car for his 18th birthday in 2012.

Bieber’s formerly owned Fisker Karma was chrome-wrapped courtesy of West Coast Customs.

Hollywood A-listers like Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio have been seen driving the all-electric Fisker KarmaCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Torque News reports that Bieber re-gifted the Fisker Karma to his friend, singer Sean Kingston.

$90K Custom Six-Wheeled Hummer H2

Example of Hummer H2 customization (Bieber’s Hummer H2 not pictured above)Credit: Getty Images – Getty

Bieber’s $90K Hummer H2 contains atypical exterior design features like two wheels and 12 headlights.

While the Canadian singer’s H2 isn’t your everyday Hummer, the model remains one of the more functional vehicles that Bieber has driven.

$44K Smart Car

Bieber put a personal spin on smart car culture by purchasing a two-seater smart automobile and personalizing the vehicle in a matte-black finish.

The singer’s 2011 Smart Car model retailed at around $44,837 before his visit to West Coast Customs, notes CarBuzz.

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