Who is Cam Newton’s wife? Here’s everything you need to know

Who is Cam Newton's wife? Here's everything you need to know
Who is Cam Newton's wife? Here's everything you need to know

There is no doubt that Cam Newton is one of the NFL’s most accomplished quarterbacks. He is referred to as Super Cam and plays for the New England Patriots. But American football isn’t the only outspoken thing in his life; the quarterback has a complicated love life. Is he married or in a relationship? Who is Cam Newton’s wife?

Cam Newton's wife
Popular American football quarterback, Cam Newton (M), ex-girlfriend, Kia Proctor (R), and their children. Photo: @icecreamconvos_.Source: Instagram

Have you ever wondered about the life of NFL players outside the field? Of course, they impress with their extraordinary football skills, breaking records and entertaining fans, but are their lives that glamorous?

One of the most interesting things is that footballers make the weirdest decisions when it comes to women. Some work, while others end unceremoniously. So, where does Cam Newton fall? Does he have someone special in his life, or he is a victim of the infamous narratives of footballer’s wives that just don’t cut it?

Is Cam Newton married?

Who is cam newton’s spouse? The football player has never been married. He had a long-term relationship with Kia Proctor, but the two are no longer together.

Their relationship officially ended in January 2020 amid reports he was cheating on her with an Instagram model. Therefore, whatever statements that are out there about Cam Newton and wife are false as the football quarterback has never tied the knot with any of his girlfriends.

Kia Proctor

Cam Newton's wife
Cam Newton’s ex-girlfriend, Kia Proctor. Photo: @kiaproctorofficialSource: Instagram

Kia Proctor is Cam Newton’s ex-girlfriend who first gained fame as a dancer under Hazel at a Washington DC strip club. Kia was born on October 16, 1988, in Virginia, the United States of America, to Jerome Proctor and Ann Marie. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about her upbringing aside from her parents and birthplace.

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Kia met Cam Newton in Atlanta in 2013, where she had moved to start a new career away from stripping and being a party host. They connected during their first interaction despite the big difference in their respective professions.

The connection between Cam Newton and Kia Proctor became deeper and later developed into a fully-fledged relationship. The two went public at the 2013 Kentucky Derby to the surprise of the American footballer’s fans. They later showed up one year later at the 2014 NFL honours, removing any doubt about the credibility of their relationship.

cam newton’s relationship with Kia Proctor prospered, and two years after they first met, they had their first child, Sebastian Newton. Sebastian was born on December 24, 2015.

Newton has three other children with Kai Proctor. These are his daughter Sovereign-Dior Cambella and two other sons, Camidas Swain Newton and Cashmere Saint Newton.

Additionally, Kia had another child from another relationship, Shakira. The quarterback referred to her as his daughter. Many people also recognize her as one of Cam Newton’s children.

Unfortunately, things started going wrong in 2019 when it was reported that Cam had a secret relationship with the Instagram model, La Reina Shaw. The allegations resulted to the end of Kia and Cam’s seven-year relationship in 2020, resulting in a custody battle for their children. It was also alleged that Cam had a child with La Reina Shaw.

Even though Cam Newton never accepted neither addressed the speculation directly, he posted a lovely image on Instagram in April 2020. He wished his child, Caesar Lorenzo Newton, a happy first birthday.

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Considering the long-term relationship (seven years) between Kia Proctor and La Reina Shaw, it can be concluded that they weren’t in a bad place. Many people expected her to become Cam Newton’s fiance, but it never happened as they separated amid cheating allegations to fans’ disappointment.

La Reina Shaw

Famous Instagram model La Reina Shaw. Photo: @lareinasworldSource: Instagram

Cam Newton created great controversy after separating with his long-time girlfriend, Kia Proctor, amid cheating allegations and having a child with La Reina Shaw. The athlete was first spotted with La Reina Shaw hanging out together at the back of a car while getting ready to work out together.

So, who is La Reina Shaw, who got more recognition after becoming Cam Newton’s girlfriend? She is a famous American model, Instagram personality and social media influencer. On top of this, she is an actress, entrepreneur and businesswoman.

She hails from Baku, Azerbaijan, and her mother’s name is La Saida, a paediatrician. La Reina Shaw moved to Germany at the age of five. She later studied at the University of Maryland and University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she graduated with a degree in design and communications. La Reina embarked on her professional career soon after.

La Reina had a swimwear collection called XVIII SWIM, which she established at 25 years old. The business progressed well and earned her massive returns. However, she no longer owns it as she sold it at a reasonable price.

According to Yahoo, La Reina Shaw lives somewhere above Newton’s Atlanta restaurant, Fellowship, and they were spotted celebrating New Year’s Eve together.

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Before Cam Newton announced having a romantic relationship with La Reina Shaw, he announced his split from his long-time girlfriend. At the same time, La Reina was pregnant with Cam’s first child.

Even after Cam’s split, La Reina and Cam kept their romance low key for several months before admitting anything. They didn’t even confirm the pregnancy during the time.

Cam Newton has been in different relationships, but La Reina Shaw and Kia Proctor are the most significant. However, none of them ever became Cam Newton’s wife. The longest relationship he ever had was with Kia Proctor, which lasted seven years.

Cam Newton’s kids from his relationships have stood out because of their number. In his relationship with Kia, Cam had four children, and one from Kia’s former relationship. He also sired a child with La Reina Shaw, which makes it a total of seven, including La Reina’s child from her other relationship.

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