14 Most Epic BTS Hairstyles: Hair Ideas (Best Examples)

It is tough to follow all the BTS hairstyles that the members of the group wear.

It is as if they change hair colors and hairstyles every day, so you can’t really figure out who is wearing which hairstyle on a given day.

If you look at things closely, you will notice how incredibly fashion oriented each member is.

They rock some of the most popular Asian men’s hairstyles and are liked equally by boys and girls.

To help you get a perspective on the latest BTS hairstyles, we have creed a list of the most popular ones and added tips on how to create them.

14 Most Popular BTS Haircuts

If you are looking for a Korean perm or any other exciting hairstyle that the members of the BTS crew usually wear, we have gathered only the most popular ones for you to consider getting.

RM’s Mohawk

Before joining BTS, RM had short locks. As soon as he was integrated into the group, he made his debut with a solid Mohawk.

RM’s Platinum Blonde Hair

To show you that RM can do no wrong and can make any trendy hair color for men is his platinum blonde look. He showed it first in an interview he gave which made everyone crazy.

RM’s Blonde Flip

Subsequently, after the Platinum Blonde, RM changes his tune to a Blonde flip. Although a somewhat natural progression, everybody loved him for it.

Jin’s Purple Hair

Jin says, “I purple you,” with the help of his purple hair. He has one of the trendiest hair dyes you can try and he pulled it off perfectly.

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Jimin’s Coral Hair

During the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, Jimin debuted his Coral hair look. It was a magnificent showcase, especially while performing “Boy with Luv” at the show.

Jimin’s Dark Blonde Hair

Jimin changes hair colors as regular people change socks. The blonde hair is one of his subdued looks, but definitely, one that didn’t lack attention.

Jimin’s Purple Pink Hair

Jimin appeared on the stage of the Seoul Music Awards, rocking the Purple Pink look, which made everyone lose their mind. Not a lot of people can pull this one off.

Jimin’s Fire Red Hair

The rise of Phoenix in the form of Jimin’s fire-red hair. One of the crazy haircuts that he tried out and one that stuck the landing.

Jin’s Wolf Cut

Jin is the person who is mainly tied to the Wolf Cut. It is his style that he rocks to perfection. Not many can pull it off as he can.

V’s Teal Hair

If you thought that Teal hair was impossible to get, think again. V was able to pull this one off and surprised everyone with how good it looked.

V’s Two-Toned Look

V managed to pull off another surprise, showcasing his new hair in a video for “Idol.” He showcased his Two-toned look, which everyone tried to copy later on.

Suga’s Mint Hair

Suga was the only one who could rival V with a stellar video debut. He showed off his Mint hair for the first time in the music video for “DNA.” Probably the first time anyone ever made Mint hair look cool.

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J-Hope’s Honey Golden Locks

Even though it was way back in 2014, J-Hope stood like a prince from a fairy tale when he stepped in front of everybody with his Honey Golden locks.

Jungkook’s Man Bun

Not all the guys from the BTS crew can pull off long hairstyles. Jungkook showed that he very much could as he was the first to sport a man bun and did it with exceptional results.

How to Style and Maintain

If you want to get the same hairstyle as one of the BTS members, whether it’s hairstyles for men with straight hair or any other, there are some clearly defined steps that you are going to have to take:

Step 1 – Choose the hairstyle

Go through the list of hairstyles we’ve created for you and pick the one you like the most.

Step 2 – Choose the color

Pick out the color variant you want to try and explain to your hairstylist how you want it to look.

Step 3 – Use some hair product

Once the hair is ready, get some appropriate hair waxes for men and style it the same way as your favorite BTS member. Do not use strong shampoos to wash your hair.

You will have to wait a bit until you can wash it out, as you don’t want to lose the hair color immediately.


What is the BTS hairstyle called?

You can refer to their hairstyles as Korean hairstyles for men, but they do wear all kinds of different haircuts.

How do I get my hair like BTS?

You must pick a color variant and ask your hairstylist to make it. Doing it on your own is hard as they have unique color choices.

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Who has the best hairstyle in BTS?

The answer to this question is debatable as each BTS member is widespread and can pull off a unique hairstyle that can look very cool.

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