Why BTS ARMY Is The Worst Fandom In KPOP?

Why BTS ARMY Is The Worst Fandom In KPOP?
Why BTS ARMY Is The Worst Fandom In KPOP?

Prepare some tissues, because this is so touching you might cry

BTS ARMYs are known for their unconditional love and endless support for their favorite 7 boys – Namjoon, Hoseok, Jimin, Yoongi, Jungkook, Jin and Taehyung. They always vote for them tirelessly in every competition and spread their art across the world like wild fire. Of course, this is one of the biggest factors why BTS is gaining this insane popularity and success. They keep breaking records and making history, bringing Kpop outside Korea. Both BTS and ARMYs work super hard for it, and clearly, it pays off.

Nevertheless, ARMYs are often called out for mentioning BTS everywhere and sometimes being overly protective of their favorite group. They often get criticized and many times antis are trying to provoke them to negativity, knowing how sensitive they are. Despite all this, ARMYs never give up and continue to support BTS. They aren’t just “obsessed little girls, who have nothing better to do than vote 24/7”, as some netizens claimed after BTS won the BBMAs Social Artist Award. ARMYs don’t just listen to BTS and fangirl about their looks and vote 24/7. They do much more, not just for BTS, but for the world. Knowing how big and powerful their fandom is, many times they have gathered together to use this power for good causes and help those in need.

So why is the title “Why BTS ARMY Is The Worst Fandom In KPOP?”, you’d ask? Here’s why!

Recently, a Twitter thread caught our attention, after going viral despite it’s quite controversial name. The name of this thread is “Why ARMY’s are the worst fandom in Kpop”.

Just as others, at first we thought it’s another thread made by antis in order to bash and provoke the ARMYs. But curiosity killed the cat, they say, so we decided to see what’s up and why something so seemingly negative would have so many re-tweets.

On August 26, someone posted a thread on twitter about the ARMYs. It turns out, the title was sarcastic. The thread was, in fact, a compilation of all the good deeds ARMYs have done in the name of BTS. It had gathered countless charity events held by the BTS fandom to help support variety of causes, like helping people and animals in need.

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The thread gathered attention really fast due to the sarcastic “click bait” title. And its touching content as well, of course. A lot of fans, who didn’t know about the projects held by the ARMYs before are now interested in participating. The thread moved a lot of people, who became emotional and confessed that they cried (we did too, honestly). This thread moved us to bits, so we thought it would be a crime not to share it with the world. Because ARMYs deserve to be acknowledged for all the good they have done for this world too, instead of just being criticized.

Try not to cry…cry a lot…

Twitter user Kaitlyn (an ARMY as well), who posted the thread, compiled many different occasions, when ARMYs donated and held charity events under the name of BTS. Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever? The thread was made solely to give recognition to the individuals, who showed their kindness, despite often being criticized as a fandom.

So without further ado, let’s get to the point. Prepare some tissues on hand, though. Because you might tear up while reading these.

Here is a list of good deeds ARMYs have done in the name of BTS

Malaysian ARMYs held charity events and donated profits to local organizations, after which Korean media Star News wrote about them.

BTS ARMY Is The Worst Fandom In KPOP

They hosted an exhibition and donated the profits to National Council For The Blind Malaysia, to support a safety facility and education for visually impaired people. To Mercy Malaysia – a facility for local elderly people. And to Turtle Conservation Society Of Malaysia, which helps with turtle habitat and population conservation. BTS ARMY Is The Worst Fandom In KPOP

Malaysian fan club said that they held this event in hopes it would help developing their local community and that they will continue to hold such events in the future.

Another ARMY set up a project to donate money to Save The Children Organization, which helps children in the U.S and around the world to grow up healthy, safe and educated.

BTS ARMY Is The Worst Fandom In KPOP

BTS ARMY Is The Worst Fandom In KPOP

Turkish ARMYs donated to UNICEF to support the children with disabilities.BTS ARMY Is The Worst Fandom In KPOP
ARMYs from the Philippines donated a 100kg of rice to poor children and people in the name of BTS for their Wings Tour Final Concert.

BTS ARMY Is The Worst Fandom In KPOP

Moreover, ARMYs donated blood to American Red Cross organization, which helped saving lives.

BTS ARMY Is The Worst Fandom In KPOP

Number of charity events ARMYs did for BTS member birthdays

Often, fandoms give celebrities expensive gifts for their birthdays, which is of course the case with BTS too, but it’s not all BTS has received as presents. ARMYs have donated to several charities as a birthday gift to BTS members.

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Like how they did a charity project in order to celebrate Jungkook’s 21st birthday by donating to the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation

BTS ARMY Is The Worst Fandom In KPOP

Here’s another one. This one is for Jungkook’s 20th birthday, when they helped flooding victims
For BTS’ 4th Anniversary, Russian ARMYs donated 15k dollars to the Gift Of Life Organization that helps children and young adults, who suffer from serious diseases. BTS ARMY Is The Worst Fandom In KPOP

That’s not all! Just recently, the same ARMY who posted the twitter thread did continuation of her previous thread. Another thread was made to put out how ARMYs are the “worst” fandom in KPOP. It is a continuation to the first twitter thread. The thread is made to recognize the other projects the fans made because apparently, a lot were missed. On September 7 the thread was made. Here are a few:

The ARMYs held a project for Namjoon’s birthday in which they adopted whales.

BTS ARMY Is The Worst Fandom In KPOP

In celebration of BTS 4th Anniversary ARMYs from Madrid donated to Save The Children Organization and helped child Refugees in Europe.BTS ARMY Is The Worst Fandom In KPOP
Furthermore, Pakistani ARMYs set up an oral health campaign, called “Because Everyone Deserves To Smile” in celebration of BTS 4th Anniversary.

Those weren’t the only good deeds ARMYs have done in the name of BTS. And of course the thread doesn’t have the full list of everything this fandom has done for this world, but there is a lot more you can see. Check out both parts of this thread here.

Part 1.

Why ARMY’s are the worst fandom in Kpop – A thread.

— Kaitlyn (@herforbts) August 26, 2017

Part 2.

Why ARMY’s are the worst fandom in Kpop – A thread. (Part Two)

— Kaitlyn (@herforbts) September 8, 2017

So, did you cry? Or maybe teared up a little bit? It’s alright as we cried as well. Let’s continue to spread love and focus more on the positive and neglect the negative ones.

Let’s all bring down negativity and help BTS, those in need, ARMY’s. We’re all kind, although others may not think that.

— Kaitlyn (@herforbts) September 8, 2017

Of course, ARMYs aren’t the only fandom, who donated to charity and helped people in the name of their favorite star. But this is the real proof that saying BTS ARMY is the worst fandom in KPOP isn’t exactly right.

Here’s how you can support both BTS and charities of your choice at the same time too. (For Amazon users).

If you happen to have an Amazon account, you can go to smile.amazon.com and select a charity of your choice. It will offer you many options.

Once you’re done, select one of these options for ARMYs. Buying these 100% authentic BTS merchandise items will donate 0.5% of the price you pay to the charity you selected. And also will help BTS album rank in charts. And of course they will get the profit too.

Here’s the list of links:

1: Buy BTS Love Yourself Her album all versions set (also counts towards Hanteo and Gaon charts)

2: Buy BTS Love Yourself Her album 1 CD version (In U.S counts towards Billboard chart, Hanteo and Gaon, other countries Hanteo and Gaon)

3: Buy BTS Official Light Stick

Or you can always search for random charity organizations online and just donate straight to them.

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