Capital One Arena Suites

What determines how much a suite costs?

Suite pricing varies widely based on a number of variables including league, city, team, opponent, time of day, day of week, and suite location.

Day of Week: In general, suites can be slightly more expensive during weekdays (Monday through Thursday) because those days are ideal for corporations to entertain their clients in a suite.

League: NFL suites are the most expensive by because of the limited number of games (8 home games per team).

Suite Location: While just being in a suite is generally seen as the most desirable and luxurious seat in the building, some stadiums and arenas have multiple suite levels. If this is the case, certain clients are willing to pay a premium to be in a lower level suite that is closest to the action on the field. We will give you details on suite location as we provide you with availability for the game you desire.

Does it pay to wait to book a suite until closer to the event?

With regular tickets, prices will often drop in the days leading up to a game. While every once in a while the same occurs with suites, in general, pricing does not drop before the game. In fact, because of the very limited availability of luxury suites, it is advised to book a suite well in advance, as suites are often not available at the last minute. In addition, in coordinating events for larger groups (suites can hold up to 20 guests or more), it is often necessary to give guests a longer lead time to confirm their availability to attend.

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Are there additional expenses I should consider?

If you are hosting guests in your suite, consider allocating enough budget to order catering for your suite. Catering is typically not included in the price of the suite. Suite Experience Group clients typically spend between $1,000-$2,000 for catering, with some clients spending even more if they order significant amounts of alcohol.

Are there discounts if I buy multiple games at once?

Some clients purchase multiple suites in multiple venues at one time. Suite Experience Group can provide special package pricing for clients who buy three or more suites at one time.

How can I maximize my budget?

If you are working within a budget and trying to maximize your spend, we would welcome an opportunity to further discuss your goals for the event and the different options available to you. Please call us at 800-592-7043 or fill out this form to get started. We look forward to the opportunity to help you explore your options in renting a luxury suite.

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