Enemy Reaction Special Edition: Broncos vs. Colts Thursday Night Poopfest

Enemy Reaction Special Edition: Broncos vs. Colts Thursday Night Poopfest
Enemy Reaction Special Edition: Broncos vs. Colts Thursday Night Poopfest

A game that horrific, whether involving the Seattle Seahawks or not, doesn’t normally deserve Enemy Reaction. But this special edition is only because the Denver Broncos lost and lost in such a way that makes you think they may very well be the worst team in the AFC. Whether you love or dislike or hate or are indifferent to Russell Wilson, watching him play like that was like watching an entirely different quarterback far removed from what he once was. And with that all in mind, I’m glad he helped lose that game because in the end it moves the Seahawks one step closer to having at least one top-10 pick.

There is no chance in hell I’m going to do anything but the 2nd half and overtime of that monstrosity, so this is a short version of Enemy Reaction but one that due to the magnitude of the Broncos fans meltdown I believe you will savor a bit more than the Lions win from earlier this week.

Thanks to the Mile High Report and Stampede Blue communities for enduring that disaster.

Broncos have field goal blocked (6-6)

Matt Ryan throws it right back to Denver, who take the lead after 0-yard drive (9-6 DEN)

Russell Wilson throws a terrible interception in field goal range (9-6 DEN)

…And an even worse interception when a first down would’ve won the game (9-6 DEN)

Tragically, the Colts force overtime (9-9)

Broncos lose! Colts win! Seahawks win! (IND 12-9 FINAL)

All the melting down! All of it!

Bonus reactions from Chiefs, Chargers, and Raiders!

Post-Game: Broncos should fire Nathaniel Hackett (Mark Kiszla, Denver Post)

This mean-and-ornery Broncos defense would be a terrible thing for coach Nathaniel Hackett to waste. He can’t hack it as an NFL coach. With all their billions in the bank, could the crazy-rich Waltons please lure Sean Payton to the Darkside and end our embarrassment in Denver?

Five games as the coach in Denver, and Hackett is on the hot seat. And that’s not a hot take. The Broncos lost 12-9 Thursday in overtime to a bad Indianapolis team that won a game without a touchdown, the margin of victory provided by a 48-yard field goal by Chase McLaughlin.

We know horrendous coaching in Broncos Country. Hackett is not only bringing back all those bad vibes of Vance Joseph and Vic Fangio, he clearly is more overmatched than two coaches whose names are mud around here. Despite a defense living up to its “Darkside” nickname, the Broncos are stuck with a 2-3 record.

“All teams are tested by adversity,” Hackett said. In defeat, he repeatedly cited a need to look at the videotape to figure out why his team is its own worst enemy.

Well, I don’t need further video review to know Rob Walton and his family didn’t pay a record $4.65 billion for the Broncos to be embarrassed in prime time by a coach who chokes under pressure in one moment after another that seems too big for Hackett.

Post-Game: (Sayre Bedinger, Predominantly Orange)

This is not what every fan in Broncos Country signed up for. After six years of dismal quarterback play and anemic offense, Russell Wilson and Nathaniel Hackett are combining to bring more of the same? That simply cannot be. Hackett was supposed to bring his “innovative” approach to the Mile High City with Russell Wilson being the straw to stir the whole drink. A list of playmakers at every skill position and seemingly only the need for the right guys to be out there calling plays and pulling the trigger.

So why is this not working? Why are fans leaving before the overtime period starts? Why are fans having to count down the play clock or hold their breath whenever a big play happens in anticipation of a flag? Why are so many drives being stalled by penalties? Why does it feel like every yard gained is so strenuous?

Why not run the ball on 4th-and-1 there at the end of the overtime period? Why not work to get yourself a fresh set of downs? What is going on with the missed or blocked field goals? Why is there no rhythm to the offense? How do you lose at home to the worst scoring offense in the entire NFL with six sacks and two interceptions from your defense?

The Broncos are putting on a clinic when it comes to lack of execution. They are proving themselves — not the Colts or the Bears — to be the worst offense in the NFL because they have way fewer excuses.

Leaving a game before it’s over is perhaps a bit over the top, but you can’t blame the Broncos fan base for being absolutely beside themselves at this point. What we are seeing from this team offensively is unacceptable in every possible way. Needless to say, someone’s going to be held accountable for it. The new ownership group is not going to be happy — in the slightest — about being the butt of every joke on national sports and NFL talk shows.

Post-Game Video: “If you’re looking for people to blame, you start with Russell Wilson” (DNVR Sports)

I’m not gonna do this after every Broncos loss, but if they keep losing in excruciatingly bad fashion like Thursday… I just might?

But in the meantime, the Seattle Seahawks have the New Orleans Saints in their sights and are searching for their first win in The Big Easy since 2004.

Thanks for reading and go ‘Hawks!

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