Beyoncé Butt Picture Melts Down The Internet, We’re All Buying What She Is Selling!!

Beyoncé just released photos to promote her partnership with Adidas, and one of the pictures is a full body shot of the singer from behind…and let’s just say the internet is melting down to its core!!

The collaboration, “Ivy Park,” is in conjunction with Adidas and will feature shoes, along with an assortment of tops, bottoms, swimwear.

And the promotion for the line is lighting the internet on fire…


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See The Internet Melting Photo!

Bey posed for a photo shoot to promote the launch of her brand, and she knew exactly how to crush it! Smoking hot photos of YOU!

There will be four different shoes in the upcoming collection. Shoe fans will be able to get Ultra Boosts, two colors of the Nite Jogger, and the Sambarose all designed by Beyoncé. All of the shoes will feature the ‘Ivy Park’ maroon, orange, and cream color logos.


Now to the promotion! In one photo, posted by the art director for Beyonce, she is sporting a maroon bodysuit and one of the shoes in the line is hanging from her waist. The shoe is perfectly hanging right in front of the singer’s perfect backside!

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It is breathtaking! And fans of the singer are making the point on social media.

“I literally just said WOW loud AF. Double cheeked up on a Tuesday afternoon omggg like we knew but did we KNOWWW 😩👏🏾” one fan tweeted.

There are a few fans drooling over her socks doubling as a pair of heels, but not sure that is the point of this photo!

The Queen B…

“Can she let us breathe please!!” another added.

One person just went for it and tweeted, “THAT ASS THO !!!!! Whew….OH MY GOD PLEASE TWEET MORE PICS OF HER FROM THIS PHOTOSHOOT”

We agree with one person’s thought here, “You’re gonna break the internet 🔥”

Let’s be honest, Beyonce is one of the smartest people in the entertainment business, and she knows that the easiest way to sell her line is like this!

We all hope she continues to do sexy photo shoots to promote her line and someone from her team keeps publishing them online.

The Ivy Park collab with Adidas drops on Saturday.

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