The Best and Worst Antonio Brown Hair Moments

Were certain and willing to bet $1 million you googled “Antonio Brown Hair” to revisit his New Jack City inspired afro haircut!

Today our archives includes various styles from the athlete such as his

  • Mohawk
  • Braided Manbun
  • High Top Dreads
  • Pattern shaved into Head
  • Stand Up Braids
  • New Jack City Inspired Afro

Our editorial details his most bizarre hair moments and the motivation behind them each.

Best and Worst Antonio Brown Hair Moments

Boxed Afro

Ranking: 0/10

The year is 2015, and its interview time with the network NBC, however we can’t pay attention to the words coming out of Antonio’s mouth because of his boxed hair.

Shortly after and as expected the memes and jokes began clowning the athlete for his unconventional hairstyle.Antonio unphased during this time continued to make his media rounds during 2015 super bowl in which he branded the style “The Lego.”

In another interview with Antonio Brown and his barber Dave Williams it was revealed the haircut was inspired by the characters in the movie New Jack City.

Erm yeah, lets hope he never does that style again! Definitely number one for worst styles, EVER!

Braided Manbun

Ranking: 8/10

The braided manbun served him both aesthetically and practically, which is why we have rated it highly.

Having to wear helmets during game time would mean afros getting squashed and disorganised, the beauty of braids allows hair to lay down flat without any interference.

We were able to see the athlete style the hair this way both on and off the field and is something that is done as a trendy hairstyle today.

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For a clean contemporary look ensure that the sides and back are shaved with a line up.

High Top Dreads

Ranking: 7/10

Another favourite hairstyle of ours, his high top dreads which we have seen him colour in blonde and blue.

Prior to his dreads we had seen various braided hairstyles from the athletes which he began to change with his dreads for a thicker look.

What you will notice throughout all the photos is that he keeps his hair on the sides and back short, whether that be on his dreads, braids or afro.

The short back and sides has been the foundation for 90% of his hairstyles.

Pattern shaved into Head

Ranking: 5/10

The headlines throughout the fall of 2013 went as follows, What did Antonio Brown shave into his hair?

That’s because the pattern was unclear, is it himself? An athlete in motion? Symbol? Regardless its hard to make out what it was.

However we find ourselves talking about it, getting even more coverage, 10 years later, amazing (that’s sarcasm by the way)

Were in the middle on this style, it’s not his best and it most certainly is not his worst.

Stand Up Braids

Ranking 1/10

In an attempt to further stand out from his peers we saw the athlete attempt to pull off one of the most bizarre hairstyles he has done to date, stand up braids.

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We were under the impression this was only reserved for Coolio, clearly we were wrong!

Having a quick look we can see that hair is braided away from the scalp in an upward position to be intertwined with other braids tied up and then stood upwards.

Social media weren’t far behind to let him know what they thought about the look.


Ranking: 6/10

His mohawk would be the foundation for the new jack swing box afro as we can see how it morphed into this, however prior to that taking place the afro mohawk was a solid look on him.

Blonde Mustache

As if all the majority of his other hairstyles weren’t outlandish enough, what does he go and decide to do colour his mustache blonde.

We have left this one for you guys to rank, Yay or Nay?

Key Take Away: Maintenance

Whether it be braids, locks or afro hairstyle each will require a certain level of routine to ensure long term health, moisture and shineGood foundation is the start for any of the above styles mentioned. Follow these tips should you be inspired.

  • Oil your scalp
  • Keep braids in for a maximum of 6 – 8 weeks.
  • Protect hair at night or doing any physical activity.
  • Moisturise our Hair.

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