Footage Of Taylor Swift Stopping ‘Bad Blood’ At Her Concert To Defend A Fan Is Going Viral

Taylor Swift has had more than a few memorable moments during her ongoing tour and, this past week, fans were treated to yet another. She really said, “now we’ve got problems” during a show in Philadelphia on Friday. While right in the middle of singing “Bad Blood” while wearing of her iconic Eras tour looks, she noticed that something was not quite right in the audience and stopped singing multiple times to defend a fan. Fortunately for us, there’s footage of Swift’s on-stage Queen behavior, and it’s naturally going viral.

It’s unclear exactly what happened that led to the slight altercation, but it would seem that security was trying to remove or relocate a fan. It was at that time that Taylor Swift interrupted her own performance of “Bad Blood” to tell the guard to leave the attendee alone. You can see the footage in a fan’s tweet below, which shows Swift telling the guard that the person wasn’t doing anything that required intervention:

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Honestly, I would hate to be that security guard right now. Not only does the Grammy winner interrupt her own song to tell the guard to leave her fan alone, but when she isn’t satisfied with how things are progressing, the music icon appears to scold him. She then doubles back and interrupts the tune to firmly tell the guard, “Hey! Stop!”

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Swifties are famously devoted, and tickets for the Eras tour were not only hard to come by, but fans spent quite the pretty penny to make sure they were there to see the much-loved artist. The songstress herself is clearly grateful for such loving fans, so it’s not too surprising that when she saw something going down with one of the many who made the trip to the show, she quickly intervened.

This is a testament to Taylor Swift’s professionalism and dedication to giving the best performances possible. Based on the video, she was monitoring the situation before she said something to the guard. She waited until the song had a natural break to where she could interject and, as soon as she recognized, that the official had, in fact ,backed off of her fan, she walked away like nothing occurred and keeps the performance going strong.

It’s not surprise that the interaction is going viral, and fans seem to be on the hunt to discover exactly what occurred. TikTok is being flooded with video (from all angles) of the entertainer calling out the security guard, with the source of the videos getting closer and closer to the stage. It goes without saying that this is a moment for the books when it comes to the Eras Tour. And with plenty of other shows to go, it seems likely that we’ll get at least a few more viral exchanges before it ends.

The Eras Tour is still in full throttle and is dishing out surprise songs. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift has announced plenty of upcoming releases. In short, it’s a great time to be a Swiftie, whether you’re able to attend her slew of concerts or not.

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