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Ron is probably best known in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince for his worst decision – dating Lavender Brown. Largely launched as a way to make Hermione jealous and to prove he wasn’t behind the snogging curve, Ron’s ill-fated romance was a hilarious part of this installment of the Harry Potter franchise, but there’s very little denying that as far as choices go, Lavender wasn’t Won-Won’s best.

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However, Ron continues to grow and mature over the course of the series, and slowly starts to make better and better decisions – and even though he makes some bad moves in his relationship with Hermione this year, he is slowly learning how to patch things up with her, too. At the very least, if his worst decision is a failed first relationship, as opposed to stealing a car and flying into a tree, he’s clearly improving in his decision-making abilities!

Defending Fleur At The Burrow

When Harry arrives at the Burrow, he finds that Fleur has moved in too, and that the rest of the Weasleys are unimpressed with her relationship with Bill. Surprisingly, even Ginny and Hermione are quite rude to her, for seemingly little reason other than her occasional obliviousness, and her desire to help out with her boyfriend’s family. However, Ron is the only one who defends her – and as she is later shown to be a stalwart, loving, incredible woman, he was clearly in the right.

Unfortunately, though, it’s impossible to claim that Ron made this decision based purely on his mature assessment of the real Fleur. Instead, he made this choice for all the wrong reasons – he is still smitten with her, thanks in part to her Veela heritage. Still, it’s a good decision, even if made for bad reasons.

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Taking The ‘Felix Felicis’ Harry Gave Him

When Harry pretends to spike Ron’s juice with Felix Felicis before Quidditch, Ron catches on before drinking – and still makes the choice to drink. On the surface, this may seem like a poor decision, as it would mean that Ron was not just breaking Quidditch rules, but the law, as it is illegal to use Felix Felicis for a sporting competition (of course, it’s unlikely he would be carted off to Azkaban for using it in a school match).

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However, this turns out to be a great decision – and one that turns things around for him when his confidence has taken a severe knock. Thanks to this, and finding out that Harry gave him nothing, Ron learns that (cheesy as it may be) he has the skill in him all along! This is one of the few times in the entire franchise that he really gets a confidence boost, and it’s difficult to deny how important that must have been for him.

Ending Things With Lavender

Arguably, Ron didn’t decide to end things with Lavender – he just vaguely started avoiding her, and then said Hermione’s name while he was unconscious in the hospital wing. One of these is a poor choice (ghosting his girlfriend, in essence, rather than just talking to her), and the other is barely a choice at all. Still – in the grand scheme of things, it would have been just as easy for Ron to make things up with her as it was to decide to let things fizzle out.

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And, of course, Lavender and Ron’s relationship was clearly a cringeworthy one! It may have been relatable, as a lot of people have an overly-affectionate early romance in their lives, but it was also not going anywhere – and had he not broken things off, Lavender may even have attempted to come Horcrux Hunting with the Trio!

Making Up With Hermione

While Ron and Hermione spend a lot of this year annoyed with each other, and struggling to voice their emotions to one another, Ron does make the smart move of patching up his relationship with Hermione after a while – albeit not for the first time. He’d previously fallen out with her over Crookshanks and Scabbers, and these two often butted heads, but in this installment, it seems like he may be getting better at mending those bridges when fallouts happen.

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And of course, this is an obvious good choice on a personal level – and for the Wizarding World as a whole! Harry, Ron, and Hermione wouldn’t have been able to defeat Voldemort had the three not been working together – something that they couldn’t have managed if Ron and Hermione were still not on speaking terms!

Insisting On Coming With Harry To Hunt Horcruxes

Alongside Hermione, Ron makes the final choice to give up his final year at Hogwarts and join Harry in hunting Horcruxes and attempting to defeat Voldemort. This is presumably less of a difficult decision for Ron, as he’s never been a particularly academic boy, but it’s still a huge responsibility to take on – and all three of them know that they will be risking their lives in this quest.

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This is also a decision that is expanded on far more in the beginning of the next installment, especially as this is when Ron reveals how much effort he has put into being able to go with Harry, but it’s still a major moment for the trio of this year.

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