Patrick Mahomes’ Adidas contract: Exploring Chiefs QB’s multi-million-dollar sponsorship deal

Patrick Mahomes' Adidas contract: Exploring Chiefs QB's multi-million-dollar sponsorship deal
Patrick Mahomes' Adidas contract: Exploring Chiefs QB's multi-million-dollar sponsorship deal

If Patrick Mahomes’ connection with Travis Kelce on the field is gold, so is the Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback’s connection with Adidas off it. Mahomes signed on with the sporting giant, making him one of the few athletes to have an exclusive line with any sporting brand.

Adidas, of course, benefit tremendously from it because they have a Super Bowl-winning quarterback in their corner. Mahomes, of course, gets a huge boost to his net worth because of it too.

Given how well Mahomes is playing these days, this deal has the potential to run for a long time into the future. The quarterback has been a part of the NFL since 2017 and has been part of the Adidas stable for the same time. He has been with them ever since turning pro, even though he wasn’t a starter in his first season with the Chiefs.

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As part of the endorsement, Adidas provides Patrick Mahomes with Tiro 19 training pants, Crazy BYW x PW shoes, Freak Ultra football cleats, various tees, sweatshirts, hoodies and jackets. He wears their gear during training, gamedays and while relaxing, giving it maximum visibility. In turn, he can design a line of products for them, which boosts their sales.

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Patrick Mahomes’ product line with Adidas

Apart from the apparel he wears from the standard line, Patrick Mahomes has his own signature collection. He has his signature on a collection of tees, hoodies, joggers, shorts and tights. The main colors seem to be white and red (in line with Kansas City Chiefs colors), in addition to teal.

But where he has been involved right from design to implementation are his line of shoes known as Mahomes 1 Impact FLX. These are the Play Time shoes meant for football. They come in both child and adult sizes. They have three main color combinations. The red and white represent the Chiefs’ colors. The other colors are white and teal or green. There is also a special Black Panther edition for the shoes.

While the above line is more readily available in retail, there are many other sneakers that the Kansas City quarterback has designed. He has collaborated on AM4 sneakers with a gold, black and white pattern. He has a UltraBOOST Mid designed in the colors of his Whitehouse High School, where his football career started. The ZX 2K Boost has a multitude of colors that were released in 2021.

With such deep involvement and each sporting his logo, both Adidas and Patrick Mahomes are benefiting from this deal. As the youngest ever league MVP keeps taking his plays up a notch this year, there is every chance that it will become more valuable to both parties.

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Adidas took a chance on the rookie quarterback when others might not have.

Adidas x Patrick Mahomes launch brand new ‘Royal Blue 80’ in 2023

With Mahomes bringing home another title during the 2022 season, the company has launched a new Mahomes 1 Royal Blue 80 shoe, which honors the 2023 Kansas City Royals season.

Image Credit: Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes, 27, joined the Royals’ ownership group in 2020.

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