Louis Partridge’s Personal Life, Siblings, Parents, Wife, Girlfriend, Kids, Other Family and Dating History

Louis Partridge’s Personal Life, Siblings, Parents, Wife, Girlfriend, Kids, Other Family and Dating History

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Colin Partridge (father):

A graphic designer and avid photographer who enjoys capturing Louis’ milestones and adventures.

Louise Partridge (mother):

A former teacher and Louis’ biggest supporter. She’s often seen accompanying him to red carpet events and cheering him on from the sidelines.

Emily Partridge (sister):

A talented artist and Louis’ confidante. They share a close bond and also frequently support each other’s creative endeavors.

Edward and William Partridge (twin brothers):

Louis’ mischievous younger brothers, often keeping him on his toes and also adding a dose of playful chaos to the family dynamic.

While currently single, Louis has been linked to a few of his co-stars in the past. He was briefly rumored to be dating Millie Bobby Brown after their on-screen chemistry in “Enola Holmes,” but neither confirmed the speculation.


Louis Partridge is currently single, and as of December 2023, he has never been married. While there have been rumors linking him to certain co-stars, he has publicly stated he’s currently focusing on his career and family.

Dating History:

Despite the rumors, Louis has always kept his dating life private. He prioritizes his career and family, preferring to focus on his craft and close relationships rather than publicly disclosing his personal affairs.

Possible past connections:

  • Millie Bobby Brown: Co-starring in “Enola Holmes” also sparked rumors about their on-screen chemistry potentially translating into real life. However, neither Louis nor Millie ever confirmed anything beyond their strong friendship.

  • Simone Ashley: Similarly, filming “Bridgerton” led to speculation about a romance with Simone Ashley, but both actors have remained tight-lipped about their personal lives.

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Other Family:

While Louis hasn’t shared much about his extended family, he has mentioned having supportive grandparents and other relatives who play a role in his life.

Additional Information:

  • Passionate Advocate: Louis is a vocal advocate for environmental causes and animal welfare. He actively participates in initiatives to raise awareness and promote sustainable practices.
  • Musical Talent: Beyond acting, Louis also enjoys playing guitar and writing music. He even wrote and performed an original song, “Giants,” for the “Enola Holmes 2” soundtrack.
  • Down-to-Earth Personality: Despite his rising fame, Louis remains grounded and friendly. He interacts with fans on social media, participates in interviews with a genuine and humorous approach, and maintains a relatable persona.

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