I got this song 6 days ago and my itunes play count is 90.. lol I’m OBSESSED. But as such, I’m pretty sure I have a good handle on the meaning of this song.

She’s in love with Alejandro, who is young, hot, and poor. But she’s now telling him she can’t be with him because she’s engaged to an older, wealthier man. She’s debated over whether she should choose love or security, and she picked security “I just can’t be with you like this anymore”

She hides true love en su bosillo (in his wallet)-she hides her love for Alejandro and attempts to replace it with her fiancee’s money

She’s got a halo around her finger around you-She’s got her big engagement ring around her finger, and the older man is totally infatuated with her, he gives her everything she wants

The chorus “you know that I love you boy”.. she’s singing to Alejandro, telling him that he knows she knows she loves him, and one day maybe she’ll come back to him, but not now.

“Don’t call my name…” telling all her past lovers (including Alejandro) to not call on her because she’s a taken woman

Don’t wanna kiss don’t wanna touch.. she doesn’t want to give in and cheat on her fiancee even though she’s not in love with him

“She’s not broken, she’s just a baby”-she knows what she’s doing- using him for his money, she wasn’t forced into this

“But her boyfriend’s like her dad, just like a dad.” he’s much, much older than her and very rich so he takes care of her

“And all those flames that Burned before him, Now he’s gotta firefight Gotta cool the bad”

all the lovers she had before..alejandro, fernando, roberto- she’s got to “put out” their flames because she’s getting married

he’s got to help her “overcome” her love for all those other men by being a good doting husband (although she’ll never be attracted to him, and probably never love him)

at this point in the chorus i think she’s singing “you know that I love you boy, hot like mexico..” to her fiancee, which shows her superficial feelings for him.

and then finally in the song, I think her old fiancee/ husband dies, she gets all his money and goes back to Alejandro.

It’s really kind of sad for the old man, but I love this concept. I’m making a music video for it!

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