Raiders | Watch: Antonio Brown posts video featuring call with Jon Gruden on YouTube

Just when it seemed Antonio Brown was done making waves, at least for the day, he posted a video on YouTube featuring audio from an apparent call between himself and Jon Gruden.

Gruden surely speaks for many observers when he asks: “What the hell’s going on, man?”

Earlier Friday, Gruden and Brown both gave short statements and everything appeared cleared for Brown to play Monday night for the Raiders against the Broncos after he apologized to teammates for his demeanor this preseason. It’s not clear whether the Raiders will reconsider in light of Brown’s choice to post the video or his reported frustration with yet another fine (this time for his argument with GM Mike Mayock over the prior fine).

Over the audio is beautifully produced black-and-white video of Brown working out, wearing Raiders gear and playing with his kids.

Brown tells Gruden in the video that he’s being portrayed as a villain on the news, and Gruden replies that Brown is one of the most misunderstood people the coach has ever met, and that he brought him in to Oakland because he so greatly respects Brown and his work ethic.

Gruden asks if Brown wants to be a Raider, and Brown turns that question back on the coach, saying “I don’t know why it’s a question of me being a Raider. It’s like, do you guys want me to be a Raider?”

Near the end of the video, Gruden makes a direct appeal to Brown:

“Please stop this (expletive) and just play football. How hard is it, man? You’re a great football player. Just play football.”

Brown responds:

“Yeah, but I’m more than a football player, man. I’m a real person. It ain’t about the football.”

The video doesn’t make clear whether Gruden knows he is being recorded. In California, recording a phone call without each party’s consent is illegal. But according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, Gruden said the video was “awesome,” so Brown may be in the clear.

Finally, the strings fade and AB says “This is my life. Ain’t no more games,” which could be taken a number of ways from someone expected to play Monday night.

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