Jennifer Lopez shows off her impressive six pack abs while harnessing her ‘JENergy’ in fun commercials for supplement brand

Jennifer Lopez is letting fans get a glimpse of her inner pep-talks as part of a new ad campaign.

The 51-year-old megastar is featured in two new digital commercials that hilariously showcase her unique kind of inner monologue for supplement brand Goli Nutrition.

Lopez’s latest business venture is with the wellness company which sells vegan, gluten free, non-GMO vitamin supplements.

The first bit sees the Hustler’s actress ready for a workout in a matching red spandex set that showcased her epic figure.

‘Health is not a sprint it’s a marathon, Jen,’ she thinks to herself. ‘And, you know that. You got this.’

As Jennifer gets ready for her sweat session in a private beachside gym, she pops one of the Goli Apple Cider Vinegar gummies.

‘Remember, you have more than regular energy. It’s Jennifer Lopez energy,’ she thinks, workshopping some ideas around. ‘Or … JLo energy? Seems forced. Jenny from the block energy? Over done.’

Then she has a eureka moment and whispers: ‘Jenergy.’

‘Ever wonder how @jlo maintains a well-balanced lifestyle? It all starts with a healthy combination of Goli Gummies and positive affirmations,’ the company penned in a video of the caption on Instagram.

In the next video, the A-lister is ready for work with her sandy blond hair blown out in big waves and a pair of thick rimmed eyeglasses.

The On the Six crooner sits at her desk in a perfectly tailored white pantsuit and high heels before tackling her to-do list.

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‘Alright ashwagandha. Help a girl out here,’ she thinks as she pops a gummy into her mouth

An adaptogen, ashwagandha, helps the body de-stress in addition to a myriad of other benefits.

‘Breathe, Jen,’ she tells herself. ‘We’re not letting in stressed Jen because everybody loves Zen Jen.’

As her emails come pouring in and multiple phones start going off she advises herself to ‘be Zen, Jen.’

‘What does ‘Wellness from Within’ really mean? Well… for @jlo it’s all about nourishing her body with Goli Gummies and nourishing her mind with some positive inner thoughts,’ the company penned on Instagram.

Lopez hasn’t seemed to miss a beat with her work life since splitting from her ex-fiance Alex Rodriguez and rekindling things with her other ex-fiance Ben Affleck.

JLo and A-Rod called off their engagement earlier this year amid rumors the baseball alum had been unfaithful to the entertainment superstar.

Rodriguez, who is father to daughters Natasha, 16, and Ella, 13, with ex Cynthia Scurtis, addressed his bachelorhood in an Instagram Stories post last month.

‘I am about to step into a new beginning in my life,’ he said. ‘Anything that doesn’t serve me is clearing out of my life. New energy is emerging. New levels are unlocking for me mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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