Infamous Super Bowl nip slip saw Justin Timberlake invent term ‘wardrobe malfunction’

Janet Jacket’s infamous nip slip at Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004 was culturally significant in more ways than one.

First and foremost, ‘nipplegate’ remains one of the most notorious moments in the history of the game’s half-time shows.

Justin Timberlake, a surprise guest during the performance, exposed Jackson’s nipple to the crowd after pulling on her corset.

Jackson looked shocked as the lights dimmed, but thankfully the nipple ornament she was wearing spared her from full exposure.

But in the aftermath of the extraordinary event, Timberlake provided the world with a new piece of language.

Timberlake dubbed the incident a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ – two words that are commonplace in our language today but had not previously been used together before Jackson’s nip slip.

Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson performed together at Super Bowl 2004 (Image: Reuters)

Earlier this year, Jackson revealed she told Timberlake not to say anything in the aftermath of the event.

The 55-year-old singer made the admission during her new Lifetime documentary, titled Janet Jackson.

Asked whether she heard from the former NSYNC heartthrob following the Super Bowl, Jackson said: “We talked once. And he said, ‘you know, I don’t know if I should come out and make a statement,’ and this and that.

“And I said, ‘listen, I don’t want any drama for you. They’re aiming all of this at me.’ So I said, ‘if I were you I wouldn’t say anything.'”

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In the aftermath, Justin Timberlake invented the term ‘wardrobe malfunction’ (Image: GETTY)

The documentary also revealed a clip that the star filmed, requesting fans to “move on” from the incident.

She said: “Honestly, this whole thing was blown way out of proportion. Of course it was an accident that should not have happened.

“But everyone is looking for someone to blame and that’s gotta stop. Justin and I are very good friends. And we will always be very good friends.”

She continued: “We spoke just a few days ago and he and I have moved on. And it’s time for everyone else to do the same.”

The fallout from the nip slip was huge

However, the Together Again vocalist opened up about how difficult her life was after the half-time nightmare, revealing it took a toll on her emotionally.

She said: “It can take a toll on you emotionally. I just stayed focused on my work. Stay closed to friends. Stayed in touch with family. And that was enough for me to pull through.”

“When you have everyone whispering about you and the majority of you is not favorable that can pull you to a different place.”

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