Is Kelly Clarkson Pregnant and Expecting Another Child?

Kelly Clarkson is not pregnant, and rumors suggesting otherwise are baseless. The American Idol Season 1 winner, who has two children from her previous marriage, took preventive measures by getting her tubes tied to avoid future pregnancies.

Clarkson’s marriage ended in June 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and shortly after, there were rumors of her expecting a third child. The rumors gained momentum after her appearance on the red carpet at the premiere of the American Song Contest at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Co-hosting the show with Snoop Dogg, Clarkson wore a black dress, sparking speculation among fans about a potential baby bump.

However, it’s crucial to clarify that as of 2023, Kelly Clarkson is not pregnant. The social media discussions and online news coverage may have created confusion, but the truth is that she has taken measures to ensure that she won’t be having more children.

Is Kelly Clarkson Pregnant Again?

Kelly Clarkson is not expecting her third child, and rumors about her pregnancy in 2023 are unfounded. This is not the first time such speculations have arisen, as similar claims surfaced before when people misinterpreted physical changes in her appearance. Despite fans questioning whether she might be pregnant, there is no evidence to support this.

The recent speculation stemmed from Kelly’s appearances, particularly her red-carpet look at the premiere of the American Song Contest. Some fans attributed the rumors to how she dressed, wearing a low-cut black dress adorned with white polka dots.

Despite the visual impression from Kelly’s dress, there’s no basis to believe that the host of the American Song Contest is pregnant. In 2017, Kelly definitively stated that she could no longer conceive, having undergone a procedure to remove her fallopian tubes, ensuring that she wouldn’t have more children. This decision followed persistent health challenges during her pregnancies, such as severe nausea and dehydration.

Kelly and her then-husband, Brandon Blackstock, who has children from a previous relationship, took serious steps after the birth of their youngest child to prevent further pregnancies. Recalling her determination, Kelly expressed during her pregnancy with her second child, Remington, that she insisted on getting permanently fixed during the delivery.

She discussed her challenging pregnancies on The Kelly Clarkson Show in 2022, revealing, “I had horrible pregnancies; I was hospitalized.” During an interview with CBS This Morning in 2015, when expecting her second child, Remington, she went into detail about the difficulties, including the need for IVs and fluids due to dehydration. Her first pregnancy presented similar challenges, and she openly admitted, “I’m not even kidding. It’s so bad. You’re not attractive when you’re pregnant.”

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Despite her reluctance to experience pregnancy again due to the physical hardships, Kelly clarified on The View in 2017 that her negative feelings about her pregnancies shouldn’t be misunderstood as ingratitude for her children. She emphasized, “I love them; I don’t want that to come off wrong!”

While firmly expressing her decision not to get pregnant again, Kelly acknowledged the possibility of expanding her family through surrogacy. During a 2022 interview with Khloe Kardashian, who has embraced surrogacy, Kelly expressed appreciation for the attention given to this option.

Additionally, she mentioned on The View in 2017 that her sister, who had a positive pregnancy experience, offered to be a surrogate if Kelly decided to have another child in the future.

How Many Kids does Kelly Clarkson have?

Kelly Clarkson is a mother of two children, and she has consistently emphasized the importance of her children in her life. She shares her two children with her former husband, Blackstock, whom she first met at a rehearsal for the Academy of Country Music Awards in May 2006. The engagement between Clarkson and Blackstock, the son of Narvel Blackstock and stepson of Reba McEntire, took place in December 2012, and they tied the knot in October 2013.

Throughout their marriage, they welcomed two children. However, after eight years of being together, the couple legally ended their marriage. The American Idol winner filed for divorce from the music manager in 2020, and the divorce was finalized two years later. Despite the challenges of the divorce, Kelly Clarkson has remained focused on ensuring her children’s happiness amid this significant life change.

Who are Kelly Clarkson’s Children?

Kelly Clarkson has a daughter named River Rose Blackstock and a son, Remington Alexander Blackstock. River Rose was born to Kelly and her ex-husband on June 12, 2014. The announcement of Kelly’s pregnancy came four weeks after their wedding. Kelly has openly described her daughter as a bold and independent personality, expressing admiration for her daughter’s fearless nature.

River Rose became a public figure at a young age, riding alongside her mom in the 2016 Nashville Christmas Parade at the age of 2. The experiences of their travels inspired Clarkson to write a children’s book in 2016 titled “River Rose and the Magical Lullaby,” capturing their adventures in different places. During the COVID-19 quarantine, River showcased her charm by sending a comforting message to viewers of “The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Kelly Clarkson stepped in as a TV personality, spreading positivity and love during challenging times. She also accompanied her mother to the People’s Choice Awards in December 2022, where the TV host praised her daughter from the stage. River’s influence extends to her mom’s career, as she makes a cameo on one of the tracks, “you don’t make me cry,” from Kelly Clarkson’s tenth studio album, “Chemistry.”

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In April 2023, Clarkson revealed on air that River, now nine years old, is dyslexic and had experienced bullying at school. The singer and TV host stood up against the bullying, with guest Henry Winkler, who also has dyslexia, offering words of support to River.

Two years after River’s birth, the American singer welcomed her second child, Remington, on April 12, 2016. Later that year, she posted an adorable photo on Twitter featuring River holding her 3-month-old brother, Remy. As a young child, Remy faced hearing and speech development challenges due to an unnoticed ear problem.

Kelly revealed in 2020 that a wax buildup in his ears caused speech delays, initially making them think he was deaf; fortunately, that was resolved as the family celebrated Remy’s second birthday at Disneyland.

In an interview, the American singer highlighted the unique personalities of River and Remy. This became evident during a visit to The Kelly Clarkson Show in 2021 when Remy interrupted a performance by Chris Martin to announce his bathroom needs, showcasing his candid and carefree nature. Recently, Remington showcased his singing talent with the track “Whole Lotta Woman” during his mother’s Las Vegas residency.

The family’s love for dance was also revealed as Kelly shared their tradition of putting on a little disco ball and dancing together.

How Old are Kelly Clarkson’s Kids?

River Rose Blackstock, Kelly Clarkson’s first child, born on June 12, 2014, is currently 9 years old. Her second child, a son named Remington, born on April 12, 2016, is 7 years old.

Does Kelly Clarkson have Custody of Her Kids?

Kelly Clarkson has primary custody of her two children. After almost seven years of marriage, she filed for divorce on June 4, 2020, during the peak of the COVID-19 lockdown, citing irreconcilable differences. Despite a messy split and disagreements over support payments, the American singer prioritized her children. Fortunately, she was granted primary physical custody of River and Remington.

During an interview on Angie Martinez’s IRL podcast, Kelly reflected on her divorce, emphasizing that the decision was not impulsive. She aimed to make it a positive experience but acknowledged that plans don’t always unfold seamlessly. She also addressed the impact of the divorce on her kids and shared her nightly routine of discussing their happiness and desires. Often, they expressed sadness, longing for their parents to reside in the same house.

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The divorce was finalized in March 2022, with the kids living with Clarkson, who enjoys time with them. She revealed on Angie Martinez’s IRL podcast that she opted to move her kids from Los Angeles to NYC. Discussing it further on TalkShopLive on May 25, she cited personal reasons and the need for a fresh start.

In a podcast with the “Las Culturistas”, she shared her two kids’ reactions while at her Montana ranch. Having visited New York for vacations, they were now transitioning to living, attending school, and experiencing daily life there. Her son embraced the move with enthusiasm, while her daughter needed more time to adjust, primarily due to separation from friends.

Is Kelly Clarkson Sick?

Kelly Clarkson is not sick; she is in good health. Although the American singer has faced health challenges in the past, such as being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and a thyroid problem in 2006, she made lifestyle changes after initially taking medication.

Following her divorce from ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, Kelly discussed her mental health struggles and the decision to take antidepressants.

The American singer shared a vulnerable moment when she couldn’t stop crying and had to cancel some engagements. Her therapist suggested antidepressants amid the divorce, and she decided to try Lexapro, a common treatment for depression and anxiety. The singer attested that it was the right decision for her well-being.

However, recently, her absence from The Kelly Clarkson generated controversy regarding her health as some episodes were filmed without her due to health issues that occurred during taping. Despite falling ill on certain occasions, Clarkson displayed resilience, hosting the show virtually from home during recovery.

In December, during her sickness, she virtually hosted an episode featuring the cast of The Best Man: The Final Chapters. Despite her illness, she made an in-person appearance at the People’s Choice Awards on the same day, winning the Daytime Talk Show award. She has since returned to her hosting duties and continues to do well.

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