Ray Liotta loved working with Jennifer Lopez on the TV series 'Shades of Blue,' but had one complaint

  • Ray Liotta said the favorite scenes he did on the NBC show “Shades of Blue” were opposite his costar Jennifer Lopez.
  • However, he said J. Lo’s “discipline got a little looser” at times and she would show up late to set, which would affect production on those days.

Ray Liotta gave a very honest answer when asked what he thought about working with superstar Jennifer Lopez.

The two have starred together on the NBC cop drama, “Shades of Blue,” and with the third and final season premiering on Sunday, it’s a good time look back and reflect on the work.

Business Insider sat down with Liotta on Monday to talk about the show and his career. And, or course, asked what stood out working with J. Lo.

“She had so many things on her plate so I was always impressed that she always knew her lines, and mine,” said Liotta, who admitted that when he was approached to do the series the big question mark for him was Lopez and if she would play a convincing police detective who is part of the crew of dirty cops headed by Liotta’s character.

However, Liotta said he couldn’t have been happier with her work on the show. Though toward the end there was a bump in the road.

“As it wore on, I think she knew she was leaving, and I don’t want to bash her, but her discipline got a little looser,” Liotta said.

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“She definitely was there with her lines and dedicated in terms of the work,” Liotta continued. “Just every now and then she would come late, and if you come late it’s a domino effect. NBC was really strict about a 14-hour workday. They cut if off at 14. So if you’re at the end of the day you may only get one or two takes of a scene, so that wasn’t exactly the teamwork that was needed.”

Despite that, Liotta said his favorite scenes on the show were when he was working opposite Lopez.

With “Shades of Blue” coming to an end, Liotta said he’s open to doing more TV work. But next you’ll see him on the big screen, as he’s starring in Noah Baumbach’s (“The Meyerowitz Stories”) next movie alongside Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson. He will be playing the divorce lawyer of Driver’s character.

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