Coca-Cola Announces Special Edition BTS Coke Products

Soon ARMYs will be able to chill by the swimming pool with BTS…or, at least, their special edition Coca-Cola cans!

Before July is over, Coca-Cola will release 7 different cans and 7 different bottles featuring each of BTS’s 7 members.

These containers have both the members’ faces and names on them. Each one has its own personality and colour, just like the members.

Although J-Hope‘s love for Sprite is a well-documented fact, BTS is (officially) Coca-Cola’s global model, thanks to ARMY’s online campaigning.

BTS Becomes The Face Of Coca-Cola Thanks To Their Fans

ARMY began asking for a Coca-Cola x BTS collaboration back in September 2017, when these photos of V circulated online.

Their wish was granted when BTS has became global models for Coca-Cola‘s FIFA World Cup campaign.

In preparation for the World Cup, Coca-Cola released this commercial. In it, BTS watches the game while drinking refreshing bottles of Coke.

In June, Coca-Cola released a second, summery commercial featuring BTS and actor Park Bo Gum, the face of Coca-Cola Korea.

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This ad was just as popular as the first one, if not more so. After seeing it, many fans declared Coca-Cola their new beverage of choice.

Unfortunately, as of right now, these special edition beverages will only be available in Korean stores.

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Unsurprisingly, fans are already petitioning Coca-Cola to expand this promotion to other countries.


“Petition to make it global.”

(Original tweets of translators on the replies below)

— ARMY TIMES: Pied Piper (@BTSARMYTimes) July 16, 2018

Petition for @CocaCola to release these bottle of cokes worldwide.Your endorser/ambassador @BTS_twt is a worldwide superstar how come it will only be available on korea? 😩@WorldofCocaCola @CocaColaCo @CocaCola_Korea

— Chill 🌷🐯 (@vtaemazing) July 16, 2018

Petition for @CocaCola to release #BTS edition cans worldwide. Army will buy them all!! #BTSxCoke @BTS_twt

— Jenni R. (@jrpur987) July 16, 2018

If this line of collectible, inexpensive BTS merch is released worldwide, it might drive Coca-Cola sales to an all-time high.

If @BTS_twt package project of @CocaCola goes to global, the coke 2018 summer sales would break their most sales record.

— Soo Choi (@choi_bts2) July 16, 2018

Petition to make @BTS_twt x @CocaCola_Korea bottles and cans be available WORLDWIDE! 🌏

Hey @CocaCola, this might be your chance to BOOST YOUR SALES because even non Coke drinker ARMYs are sure to buy all 7 designs. 🌍


— 𝕞𝕪𝕓𝕥𝕤𝕤𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕪 KINGS are COMING BACK! (@mybtsstory) July 16, 2018

If each ARMY buys all versions of BTS’s cans and bottles, Coca-Cola stands to makes 14 sales per person. When multiplied by the number of ARMYs in the world, the company would make…

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….a lot of money!

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Will these BTS Coca-Cola produces go global? Hopefully, we’ll know soon!

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