Christina Aguilera flashes cleavage in behind the scenes snaps from her Vegas concert for Virgin Hotels launch

She headlined a Virgin Hotels launch in Las Vegas last week.

And on Tuesday, Christina Aguilera posted a series of snaps to Instagram from behind-the-scenes of her glam sessions ahead of taking the stage.

The singer, 40, showcased her figure in a latex catsuit with triple belts and flashed cleavage as she went topless under a camo jacket.

Back in April, Aguilera made headlines with a candid cover interview for the May issue of Health magazine in which she reflected on the past 20 years of stardom.

She spoke about how she still has feelings of guilt stemming from her childhood stardom and had a love-hate relationship with her own body when she was younger.

The hitmaker revealed she still feels guilty if she’s not pushing herself to keep working and noted that she’s been working since she was seven.

‘When I’m not working, there’s a heavy amount of guilt that I feel. It’s been embedded in me since I was little—you’re shamed if you don’t want to keep up,’ the hitmaker admitted.

‘As a child [entertainer], you’re all pitted against one another, and other children are all about that grind too. It’s a weird space to grow up in.’

The New York native joined The Mickey Mouse Club in 1994 and in 1998 she got her big break when she was chosen to record the theme song to the Disney movie Mulan titled reflection.

Her 1999 single Genie In A Bottle catapulted her to stardom at the age of 19.

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‘That grind is praised, but I think we’re all understanding that having moments to self-reflect and just breathe are crucial,’ Aguilera shared with Health.

‘I have this massive trunk of old diaries that I’ve literally kept from the past 20 years of my life. I was able to catch up on them and do some self-reflecting. It really forced me to be silent and take a look at myself.’

Aguilera also discussed the pain from her childhood: ‘I experienced a lot of trauma in my childhood—I’ve spoken very openly about it. But I think that was just part of my path. I’ve definitely had struggles in the past with depression and anxiety— it’s a constant battle to overcome a mind that is anxious, a mind that is always second-guessing.’

The singer spoke, too, about her love-hate relationship with her own body when she was younger.

‘Entering this business, I hated being super skinny,’ she said. ‘I have a hard time looking at the early pictures of myself because I remember feeling so insecure. I would never want to relive my 20s—you’re so in your own head and finding your confidence.’

When Christina turned 21-years-old, she ‘started filling out a little bit.’

The red carpet favorite said: ‘I was loving my new curves. I appreciated having a booty. I’ve always said that women are way more interesting to look at than men!’

She then shared: ‘As you age, you stop comparing yourself to other people and start appreciating your own body and owning it.’

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