List of all BTS variety shows: Run BTS, Bon Voyage and more

BTS knows how to keep their fans happy. By providing fresh content through their range of variety shows, behind-the-scenes, and personal images on Instagram, the renowned group ensures that ARMYs stay connected to them when there is a period of relative inactivity.

Since the beginning of their careers, the Bangtan Boys have tried to put their most authentic selves into whatever they do, including variety shows, both in South Korea and abroad. Their appearances on shows like Problematic Men, Running Man, and Knowing Bros, among others, have been iconic in their own right.

The Dynamite superstars also have their own variety shows which reveal different facets of the boys. Fans often rewatch these shows whenever they miss the group or if the seven members are on vacation.

A list of all BTS-centric variety shows

Variety shows are considered the gold standard for promotion in South Korea. No wonder the Butter group has starred and participated in a plethora of shows, even creating their own after debut. These shows also tend to give new fans an idea of their favorite group behind all the celebrity glamor.

Here is a list of all the variety shows that BTS has exclusively been a part of.

1) BTS Rookie King: Channel Bangtan

The Korean superstars’ first ever variety show, BTS Rookie King: Channel Bangtan, was a 2013 show that parodied television advertisements and shows of the time. With 8 episodes of a young Bangtan trying out their hand at cooking, filming music videos and reminiscing about their time as trainees, this is a must-watch for new fans of the group.

The series gives an insight into the life of the Dynamite hitmakers prior to their superstardom. The highlights include the self-introduction of the members in verse, and them ranting to their producers and managers on a roof.

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2) BTS’ American Hustle Life

The 2014 series whisks BTS off to Los Angeles to understand a bit more about hip-hop culture and how it works from “experts” like Coolio and Warren G. Many fans are uncomfortable watching American Hustle Life due to the cultural appropriation of hip-hop and rap, and the alleged mistreatment of the members during the production.

Despite American Hustle Life’s obvious issues, it is worth a watch to see the progress that the group has made over the years. The two weeks spent in LA taught the Korean septet about resilience and dedication.

A homeless man gave the then-emerging K-pop group some advice that they seem to have taken to heart. He said,

3) Run BTS

Run BTS (Korean: Dallyeora Bangtan or DalBang for short) is the group’s longest running and most beloved variety show.The first episode was broadcast on August 1, 2015, and the show was originally meant to have just 10 episodes. Fans’ positive response propelled the production team to continue to make episodes.

The show’s format is not unlike other variety shows- but DalBang has evolved to become more than a variety show. The show seems to be a place where the superstar septet can be silly, play games, and compete with each other for trivial rewards without the need for anyone else.

ARMYs find the show revitalizing to watch. Fans look to the show as a place where they can let go of their worries and troubles. Run BTS makes them laugh at the group’s antics, smile at their betrayals, and shed tears at their heartfelt messages.

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With a total of 156 episodes and hundreds of millions of views, the variety show is a comfort watch for fans worldwide. Currently on hiatus, previous episodes are available to watch on VLive and Weverse.

4) Bon Voyage

With four seasons of utter chaos, some language barriers, and “important business,” Bon Voyage is one of the most entertaining shows by the septet. The producers of the show fly the Korean septet to a different country, entrust some money, and assign certain missions while they explore as tourists.

Those who like travelogue-style shows will definitely enjoy Bon Voyage. In the show’s earlier seasons, the producers of the show made all the arrangements and the band had to comply. However, in later editions, the members’ inputs were taken, and they planned the trip together.

Overall an amusing watch, Bon Voyage had a few emotional moments that will make fans tear up. The show is available to watch as paid content on Weverse and Vlive.

5) BTS In The SOOP

BTS In The SOOP was created when the world came to a standstill during the pandemic. The word soop in Korean means forest. In the show, the members traveled to a secluded place away from Seoul. In The SOOP was a vacation for the members, where they could do anything they desired. They tried out fishing, kayaking, painting, cooking, and learning musical instruments.

For popular musicians, enjoying mundane activities is difficult, especially when there’s no privacy. By giving the members time to do whatever they wanted to, In The SOOP ensured that the group got some rest and relaxation, despite their packed schedules.

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With two seasons available as paid content on Weverse, this journey with BTS In The SOOP is one all fans should undertake.

6) BTS Gayo

BTS Gayo is a two-season variety web show released on VLive. The first season aired in August 2015, and the second in January 2017. In the show, the septet participates in various activities related to K-pop. With only fifteen episodes, the show was short-lived but provided fans with many endearing and hilarious moments to recount.

From SUGA singing Gee by Girls’ Generation to the members recording a very literal music video for their song Spine Breaker, there is no dearth of laughter on the show. Viewers can stream the episodes for free on VLive.

Rewatching old variety shows is a good way to reminisce about the band’s triumphant uphill journey to success. From being a K-pop group debuted by a small company to their current worldwide acclaim, they have come a long way. The group earned the honor of performing their hit single, Butter, at the coveted Grammys, which received a standing ovation.

Apart from the variety shows already mentioned, the Permission to Dance septet has appeared on popular South Korean variety shows like You Quiz on the Block, Let’s BTS, and Na PD’s The Game Caterers. These series are recent creations that chronicle the history of the superstars from the beginning, with fun games sprinkled in.

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