Jw 🌙 — BTS Reaction to being needy and cute when wanting…

Jw 🌙 — BTS Reaction to being needy and cute when wanting...
Jw 🌙 — BTS Reaction to being needy and cute when wanting...

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“Babyyy, come hereeee.” Seokjin whined for like the sixth time that night. You rolled your eyes and let out a light laugh. “I’m finishing up this term paper honey. I’ll be there soon.” You waved him off jokingly while you turned back to your laptop. Jin’s arms were suddenly around your neck and his lips attached them selves to your cheek. You couldn’t help but giggle as he kept popping kisses against your cheek and neck. He was too previous.



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Yoongi huffed before he sat down beside you on the couch. “I want youuuu.” He said in a cute voice before pulling you against him. “Hmm? What do you want?” You asked looking up at him with teasing eyes. He smiled softly before resting his forehead against your shoulder and biting down playfully. “You heard me” He whined.



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You were playing with Hoseok’s hair and watching a movie with him in bed. His hands started traveling up and down your sides. What he does when he wants you to himself. “Darling, you feel so soft and nice.” He said with that voice. You rolled your eyes and pretended not to hear him. You suddenly felt his head nuzzle against your stomach and it caused you to giggle. “Hoseokie!” He giggled along with you before leaning up to press his lips against yours.


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In the middle of getting ready for bed, Namjoon layed down beside you and made our weakness prominent. His dimples. You smiled at him before pressing a light kiss to his forehead. “Goodnight angel.” Namjoon sighed dramatically before he climbed on top of you and nuzzled his head against your neck. “Babe oh my god no you’re too heavy!” You said while laughing and trying to push him off. “Love me back!” He shouted cutely.


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Jiminie ran his fingers through his hair before he grabbed your hand to pull you on his lap while he sat on the couch. You stayed still and didn’t budge. Wanting to see his reaction. “Come here, I wanna hold you!” Jimin whined. “And maybe do other things but hold you first pleaseee!” Jimin pulled you ontop of him and smiled widely, pressing his lips against your jawline and neck.



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“Kisses please.” Tae begged with his lips pursed out to you. You placed a kiss on the tip of your index finger then pressed your finger against his lips. Taehyung pouted and stomped his foot playfully before he gripped your hips to him. “Just one please?” He begged with wide eyes.


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Jungkook was acting extra clingy and needy today. His arms were currently wrapped around your waist and his face was buried in your neck, “You’re my baby, you know this? Am I your baby?” You smiled and nodded along, playing with Jungkook’s hair. “Well you sure are a baby.” You teased. You heard Jungkook huff before his hands traveled up your shirt and rested against your bare back. “Babyyyy.” Jungkook whined.

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