Britney Spears goes horseback riding TOPLESS in the desert and declares: ‘I should have gone naked!’… after revealing new back tattoo of a SNAKE

Britney Spears went horseback riding in the desert this Friday – and found the summer heat so oppressive she tore her top off.

She regaled her more than 42 million Instagram followers with a video of her cheerfully riding the horse while topless.

However she included only footage taken from the back, ensuring she did not fall afoul of any of the website’s Community Guidelines.

‘I had to take my top off in the f***ing desert !!!’ the Oops!…I Did It Again singer blared in her caption. ‘I should have gone naked !!!’

Her flesh-flashing ride comes after the 41-year-old pop act happily revealed a new snake tattoo that she recently got on her back and showed snippets of the process in an Instagram video shared on Friday.

The Baby One More Time hitmaker — who was recently unfollowed by her estranged husband Sam Asghari — captioned the latest clip by simply adding a snake emoji amid her nasty divorce from the actor, 29.

The beginning of the reel kicked off with the songstress facing away from the camera while wearing a strapless, yellow floral cropped top as well as a pair of white denim shorts.

She flaunted the fresh ink for the camera and cheerfully spun around to face forward. ‘My new snake tattoo guys! I’m so excited!’ she gushed.

Her blonde locks were parted to the side, and effortlessly flowed down past her shoulders in light waves.

The video then cut to the star sitting on a chair inside a spacious living room area while the tattoo artist was at work on her lower back.

At one point, the Toxic songstress informed her fans and followers, ‘It doesn’t hurt that bad actually.’

To conclude the reel, Britney once again showed off the finished ink of a small snake that was near her spine.

The star’s latest Instagram video comes amid her shocking and nasty split from Sam Asghari after he filed for divorce from the performer last month on August 16, citing ‘irreconcilable differences.’

In recent days, the Hot Seat actor officially unfollowed Spears on Instagram earlier this week, but Britney seemed unbothered by the action and uploaded a clip of herself having fun with pals, including her longtime manager, Cade Hudson.

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It was recently claimed Britney believed that Sam was was ‘secretly working’ with her estranged dad Jamie, feeding him information that would help keep her locked into her 13-year conservatorship.

A source close to the popstar has now claimed that she began having serious doubts about the relationship long before they officially split.

According to the Spears family insider, Britney had grown suspicious that actor Sam – whom she began dating five years before her father’s lengthy conservatorship over her was ended – had been working with Jamie, 71, to provide him with personal details about her life.

‘Britney has reason to believe that Sam was secretly working with her dad Jamie since early on in their relationship,’ the source told

‘Sam would supply information to Jamie that would help to keep her locked in the conservatorship. In exchange, Sam was given access to her and her money. Britney now feels like Sam was being deceitful all along.’

Sources told Us Weekly in an article published on Wednesday that the pop star ‘has no intention of reconciling with her dad,’ and added, ‘Jamie is the last person she’d ever turn to. He will more than likely never be a part of her life again.’

Another insider informed the outlet that, ‘Britney feels manipulated and betrayed by Sam’ amid their shock split.

The former couple are reportedly not on speaking terms and only communicate through their own legal teams.

Sam has also since moved out of Britney’s home, and has settled into a high-rise apartment in Los Angeles called The Thousand, which the singer assists with financially. ‘She’s paying him until they settle everything in court.’

Spears has also been looking forward and moving on as her marriage comes to an end. She previous tied the knot with Kevin Federline in 2004 until their divorce in 2007. They share sons Sean, 17, and Jayden, 16.

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‘As far as dating goes, Britney just wants to enjoy her freedom and meet hot guys — that seems to be the priority,’ an insider also expressed to Us Weekly. ‘[But] it’s hard to know what Britney really wants down the line — it changes so frequently.’

The star has also been spending time with friends, such as Cade, and repairing her relationships with loved ones, such as her own mother, Lynne Spears.

‘Now that she no longer has Sam to rely on, Britney’s more open to possibly repairing things with her mom. She’s not sure they can ever fully recover, but she’s open to it.’

The singer has also been hanging out with her bodyguards as well as her dancers, but a source stated, ‘The most tragic thing of all is that there seems to be nobody capable of really helping her.’

Britney and Sam’s marriage came to a crashing end after a ‘nuclear fight’ and last month in August, TMZ founder Harvey Levin, opened up about a heated disagreement between the two in London.

In a documentary titled, Britney Spears: Divorce & Despair, he claimed, ‘She and Sam were going at it in a hotel room, and it got so bad [that] she tripped and hit the coffee table, cracking her head open. She needed stitches.’

Sources previously told TMZ that Asghari claimed his estranged wife had gotten ‘physical’ with him during their relationship and claimed she gave ‘him a black eye while he was sleeping.’

Insiders also stated, ‘Sam frequently complained about Britney getting physical with him during their 7 years together.’ The pair began dating in 2016, and officially said ‘I do’ last year in June.

Sources claimed that Sam stated Spears would ‘fly off the handle’ and would also begin ‘punching him.’

A source told Page Six that the songstress, ‘wanted a fairytale and she didn’t get it,’ later adding that, ‘He was not super present.’

‘He would just disappear for months to go filming and she would be left all alone,’ the insider continued. ‘There were times when he would just get up and go.’

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Due to an ‘iron-clad prenup,’ the actor won’t receive much funds after the divorce and will also not profit on her upcoming memoir, The Woman In Me. He is mentioned in the book, but ‘not a lot,’ a source told

Since the split, Sam is reportedly ‘focused’ on his career, while Spears has been spotted getting close with former housekeeper, Paul Richard Soliz, 37, who notably has a felony weapon conviction, per Page Six.

Later in the day after Britney showed off her new tattoo, she posted a video of herself on horseback on her Instagram, appearing to take off her top halfway through the ride.

‘Just so you girls know !!! You are not defined by your phone or rectangle in your hands!!’ the Circus songstress captioned the photo as she rocked a yellow cropped blouse and tiny white shorts in the video.

She added, ‘It’s always good to stop and LOOK AROUND to see what’s going on around you !!!’

With a bit of self deprecating humor, the petite vocal powerhouse concluded her caption with, ‘And there’s always therapy!’ with several nerdy face emojis, a pencil emoji and several middle finger emojis.

The Sometimes singer appeared to be in good spirits.

Before she casually took her top off on the horseback ride, the platinum blonde entertainer rocked a large black cowboy hate and oversized sunglasses.

She appeared to be sunburned when she rode on horseback topless.

However, the Woman In Me author didn’t appear to have a care in the world in her latest reel, which instantly went viral among her fans and followers.

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